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Photo Friday: Challenge Anneka, 1995

Challenge Anneka, 1995

Who remembers this? If you were there, what did you do?

Photos! We want them.

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That was after I went back to OZ in 1995, and I missed my great chance to perform chika-fucking-tita at the Royal Albert Hall. Song aside, it woulda beena buzz to have been on the very stage graced by some of my fave entertainers.

Am I right?

What did I do? I stood there like a lemon, shaking like a leaf, and just copied my co-performers.
Never understood what the chicken tikka was all about. ;)

C has this on video.

Can we see it please? the video I mean?

is 2nd guy from right john savva?

John Savva? Don't think so.. I met both..................and know the diff!

I remember this i actually performed with them i was the little girl in the pink dress, haha that was ages ago im now 19 years old and have changed alot!
Do you have the video i would love to have a copy.

I remember you, and always wondered what had happened to you! Wow. Should imagine you'd changed a lot. I do have a copy of the video, but would need to find / get some equipment set up to transfer it online. Will try and make it one of the things I do in 2008, preferably sooner rather than later.

Hey Alison, how are you? I was wondering are you able to transfer that video online for me or probably meet up for a little reunion and hand it to me then? I would love to see the video :D

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