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A few random websites to look at...

... in no particular order:

The Deaf Film and TV Festival has become Deaffest, and you can find info about that here. People keep emailing me about it so I thought I should blog it!

There's an interesting interview with Sandra Duguid here. She's great in Playing God... you can still catch a performance in London or Edinburgh, I think. The Manchester one was good!

Finally, I would link to info about the BDA Congress, but I can't find any on their website. Even the BDA's events calendar says nothing is happening in August! Not true. Here's the info (and no, I do not work for the BDA... I just think these things should be shared, and I am grumpy because the BDA hasn't shared it widely. I'll probably get into trouble for saying that. Whatever.):

Theme: 'Rights through Language and Cultural Equality'
Date: 8-11th August 2007
Where: The Southport Theatre & Floral Hall Complex
Address :Promenade Southport, PR9 0DZ, UK
01704 540454, 01704 514770
Info from Sarah Murray: sarahm@bda.org.uk

As we all know, the BDA has been through a lot recently. All the more reason to go along and show support if we can! Paddy Ladd's giving a paper - don't miss that!

See you there?

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I dearly would love to go to the Congress but unfortunately it is also my parents' ruby wedding anniversary (40 years) weekend. I've penned down the filmfest weekend.

My desire is that I would like to be able to read up about the Congress. I am going to get my subs sent off so it is hope I can get communications from them.

Anyhow, Francis Murphy have said, on SH forum (an one off intervention to quell misbehaviour from MM and CornishAndy), that the website will revamped so let us all watch this webspace.....

Hi there .. I work for the BDA *ducks for cover* .. :)

There is an update and information about the Congress on the following website:


The new BDA website is under development at the moment. I can promise you all that it continues to be groundbreaking as the current website.

Do look at the website this week, there will be an announcement from the Chair explaining the development stage.


*gets up and wipes rotten eggs and tomatoes off"

Dawn :)

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