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Glow in the Dark Gloves


These Glow in the Dark Gloves produced by Novaglow (a company based in New Zealand) is said to be "originally designed for signing at night". Unfortunately its recharge life only lasts for two hours, not a lot of good for Deafies who like to sign all night, and secondly this company doesn't exactly get it facial expressions are important. However, I can see the fun in a sea of illuminated hands, for some late night gathering, political or otherwise.

For people based in the UK, you can purchase these gloves here.

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I am in need of the Glow Gloves for my dancing troup...We are a church and our dance production is in a few weeks. Please help me to obtain this item for my girls. God Bless you and I await your response.

Sorry we aren't a retailer (just bloggers), thus can't help. Contact the manufacturers and as for a list of suppliers near you? Or use the link supplied to buy if it ships to your country.

Many uses for such an item, no?!

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