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Have we missed something?

Got this from Deafweekly:


A Japanese TV program that combines nudity and sign language made headlines this month when it was revealed that the program is subsidized by the government. Paradise Television Inc. was given about 150,000 yen ($1,231 US) to help pay for sign-language translations of “Hadaka no News Station” (Naked News Station), said The Mainichi Newspapers. The money funds a five-minute segment in which Miyabe Fujino gradually sheds her clothing while presenting the news in sign language. “I generally welcome sign-language translations for TV programs,” said Japanese Federation of the Deaf official Mitsuji Hisamatsu, “but it’s questionable to provide a subsidy for this particular program.”"

The question that must be asked is... why?

(I get the Deaf-hearing-equality-in-nudity argument, thanks... just.... why?!)

- jen

Comments (3)

Why not :-)
Bet the nude's are all female and I wouldnt be suprised the programme gets uploaded onto youtube.. by the way can I have a copy :-)

I think they added the sign language newscaster so that they could apply for a subsidy by saying they are "helping the deaf." But they only got $1,231 so it hardly seems worth the trouble. But then again they managed to make headlines all over the world so maybe that was their goal.

Ah, or they had nothing better to do?! Thanks for clearing that one up, Tom(!)

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