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Photo Friday: Skye, the cast and crew from the film

Derby - The Posse

Photo Credit: Zoe Fudge

Courtyard Bar, Ashbourne Road, Derby, Summer 2002. So how many people can you name?

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C'mon peep! Surely you must know somebody in this photo. A clue: one of them used to be a regular presenter on a Deaf programme......

Tony Barlow lying @ the front. His other half Gene to his right. Ahmed Mudawi with the big black hair. Is that Deep Chana with a blue/white scarf on his head?

Yup that's me....'aving a fag!

Yup that's Deep with his famous bandana!

I wonder if Tony N would recognise a fellow Aussie in the pix?

Randomly - in addition to those who have already been ID-ed:

Matthew Butler, Fiona Ng, Bim Ajadi, Rachel Doidge-Harrison, Andrew Revell, Scott Somebody(!), Elizabeth Jenkins.... I know some of the others including the Australian woman but can't remember her name, for the life of me! Agh! (I am especially cross because I know the guy on the end with a "2" on his T-shirt - a Deaf artist? Very nice bloke but WHAT IS HIS NAME?!)

Happy now, Tone?!

Mark Chapman in pink at the back.

lol...that is Chris Sacre - the guy who created the Deaf Oscar model along with Miles (forgot his name - you are not unique here!)

Scott Garthwaite u r thinking of. The Aussie is Paul Thornton.

Rest are Louise Gibson, Simon 'Spidey' Miller, Patrick Wright, Dionne Petters, Sammi, Leigh Blake (break dancer dude), Nana Twum-Danso (she was on SH for Rio carnival), Jon Hempstead (exceptionally good photographer), Stuart Whiting (our man with the van) & Joey Wallace.

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