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Photo Friday: Newcastle BSL March, Road Block

Newcastle BSL March: Road Block

Does anyone remember what year this was? Who's sitting in the middle of the road? If you want a bigger picture, click onto the photo which will take you over to Flickr, then onto 'all sizes'.

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It was in Oct 2001. Actually I was sitting there... you know that woman with the black bag, behind her! You could see my old jean jacket! There's Kris Burns, Gavin Lilliey... that's all who I know!

Oooh there's Rachael Hayes, Darryl (dunno his last name)...

Ah thanks Ashton! Yep can see Gavin in his fancy hat. :)

Hiya ... I was involved in organising this March. Flipping heck - 2001?! Time flies ...

The person in the green in middle of the road is Helen Thew, you can also see Rachael Hayes, Adam Walker, Daryl Marshall (no relation!), Kris Burns, and Jacqueline Barnes-Jones. Need a magnifying glass for the rest of them ... yes I feel old!!!

:) Dawn

Dawn - there's a bigger picture here.

Aha! Can see Vicky Cheung and Beth (can't remember second name) .. as for the rest of them - can remember faces but not names!

I think the chap in bottom left corner is Carl Miller.

No, it's Adam Walker, I am sure. Note the ponytail!

Oh my god! Feel like a lifetime ago! The intensity and passion for BSL is not there anymore is it? :-(
Obviously you can see my big bum and boobs in the middle! Urgh!
To the right, I think it's a hearing disabled activist who lives in Newkie, Rebecca Quinn and Rebecca Dixon from Leeds/York, Jacqueline Barnes Jones, Helen Thew with a policeman and an interpreter (I can't remember if she was Stage 2 hence the argument in the photograph for a qualified interpreter!) Beth (don't know her 2nd name) from Newcastle is holding a banner with Peter Duffy (Hartlepool).
To the right, Kris Burns, the bald guy is summat (John?) Armstrong from Newcastle (I think!), Darryl Marshall, Adam Walker and Mikey from Hartlepool (I think!). Think there were few hearing supporters involved too hence why I don't know their names.
Can't see my mother anywhere as she joined us for few minutes but couldn't sit down due to a knee problem. Bless!

Maybe Newky is a bit far from Miller's patch......I don't know from Adam.

Oh! Yes indeed, that "hearing disabled activist who lives in Newkie" is Tom Commerford from DAN. Well spotted, Rach! As I've said before, many Danners supported BSL rec etc.

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