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Welcome 2 My Deaf World, an Australian film

Teachers.tv is carrying a film Welcome 2 My Deaf World, which follows Australian Deaf school leavers. Joe kindly copied the video at blip.tv, for ease of watching.

A full screen version can be seen over at the blip.tv website. The terms of the video's licence, can be found here.

Film length: 60 minutes.

A Brief Review

The video carries subtitles when Auslan is being used or when Deaf people are talking, but the subtitles drop when a hearing person speaks, which is really annoying. Its as if the subtitles are there to provide hearing people access only, and there's no continuation through the film. This shortcoming possibly highlights the contributions mainstream society have on individual self esteem, or rather lack of, which can be seen throughout the film.

Pride when it comes to one's own self identity is crucial, and for me this film highlights the shortfalls how much work needs to be done; but positive to see these young people expressing their own thoughts. More work should be done in this area.

Its good to see a film out of Australia, and highlights the fact we need more material from respective countries (the States is not the centre of the universe), so more please.

UK Cinema Screening

For those people who live in the UK, specifically up north the film can be seen at Manchester Corner House on the 30 August, as part of the London Australian Film Festival on Tour. I've no idea if the entire film carries subtitles, if anyone knows please drop a comment in the box for this entry.

Comments (15)

Teachers tv can be viewed on SKY tv (not sure about free to air digital tv) and some programmes carry subtitles.
Next showing is on Sat 1st Sep 23:00

I wonder if they show subtitles through out on TV?

Thanks for this info and good question Fintan, re subtitles. Perhaps someone might like to volunteer to ask if subtitles will be broadcast.

Do you know what channel Teachers.tv is on Sky?

While scanning for TV channels on FreeView, TeacherTV does show up in the listing so it's available via aerial too. I *think* it's also free, but I'm not certain since I didn't add it to my list of channels to keep.

Why not just watch it on the Teachers TV website?


Wow When I watch those Video. I understand very clear Two person are Differend personal. One of Boy willing become who he deaf (grow up ) and One of Girl werent happy become deaf so She wish become hearing . I understand How Their Feel.. Hope so Next Video. I would love to watch Differend peolpe How Their Feel about deaf and another Things. I grow up full deaf do not bother me and Make me Proud of it . Thanks for Share with us.
See you around

@ Ash - because it is not fully subtitled. When hearing people speak, the subtitles are dropped. Thus we were wondering if a fully subtitled version will be made available on Sky or perhaps @ the cinema. See my comments in the posting above.

Secondly, we made the video available on here because:

a) there was no easy way for making the video larger without registration (smaller screen makes the subtitles a bit more difficult to read, especially for a one hour viewing) and;

b) its possible the video on Teachers.tv could be pulled (in fact it went down several times this morning - failure for their CMS / Drupal to link with MySql). Found out about this website several hours before I blogged about it. I knew as son as I put such a post here the demand / website traffic would go up considerably, with people trying to watch it. The bandwidth, or demand could possibly close the page down.

We know the Teachers url, since I gave it in my posting above.

Hey! Can you submit your film to us at Show Me Deaf Film Festival? We would love to show it to the community.

Let us know! Deadline is August 15th. It can be shown during September 27 - 30, 2007.



@ Paul Kiel - I didn't produce this film but I believe it was produced by Singing Nomads Productions. I would suggest you contact them, re showing at your film festival.

The film followed young people from the Victorian College for the Deaf, their Wikipedia entry can be found here, which could be another possible contact re following your query up.


Teachers.TV on Sky channel 880.

@ Fintan - did you just flip through that many channels? Thanks! :)

No did not flip through that many, yes a lot there.. I asked my wife as she is um... a Teacher :-)

She has it on her favourites she watches it now and again.

I watched the whole movie. Very entertaining. Similarities between Deaf young adults in Australian and American cultures. Very good production. Thanks for sharing.

~ LaRonda

Teachers TV would like to apologise for this extremely unfortunate oversight. The programme was fully subtitled for transmission on the channel, but for technical reasons we were unable to make that version available on the website. We will ensure that a fully subtitled version is available for streaming as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your interest in the programme. It is due to transmit on the channel again on 1st September at 11pm.

@ Alison Martin - thanks for providing this information, and it would be good to know when the fully subtitled version is available for streaming.

Any other programmes that Teachers.tv could stream (that relates to Deaf issues) would be cool.

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i am not rich...so go to australia but i m not have money.
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