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Deaf: a choice before incarnation?

A totally different post from me this evening. Was pottering around online, stumbling on this blog and entry (via Steve Pavlina).

A reader asks this initial question:

Question: You mention in your blog entry, Picking Our Parents and Life Circumstances, that people choose the circumstances of their life. I was born deaf. Did I choose to suffer with this disability? Does everyone who is born disabled choose it ahead of time? Was it karma that made me this way?

Go over to Erin's blog for the answer. This is not my forte, nor about to run down this path. However I want to bring it up here as I seem to have had four different conversations this week over identity. Specifically, others wanting to look at materials around exploring the same. More about this in another post, however I wondered if any of this could throw any ideas around the way we perceive ourselves.

There's an interesting analogy relating to video games. If you're given or created a certain character at the start of the video game, you go with it. Deaf included. You just see it as an interesting life to lead, and just an interesting variation as opposed to something that needs to be cured or get frustrated about. I'm sure many of us have had the thought, "If I was hearing, what would I do (with myself / complain about / lack perspective etc)".

... you could choose a disability like being deaf, blind, or diseased. Why would someone choose this? For the experience and lessons you would learn that are unique to someone with such a condition.

Would you be afraid to give your video game character a handicap of some kind? Probably not, because you know it’s just pixels on a screen; the real you is intact and perfect.

Are pressures to change down to external or society forces, as opposed to being truly innate?

Also, if you're into that belief system, there's an interesting thing about some people choosing a certain incarnation and others where it is not planned. Perhaps for those people, it would explain the cultural / cure divide?

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That's deep, I have to say! I don't do religion but I believe that we are all subject to fate, and yes if I wasn't Deaf my life would be completely different. (Before anyone shouts at me, I became deaf at 5, thus went down a completely different path to the one I was on at the time; being placed in a different school where I met different people and was presented with different decisions to make, etc etc)

Well, as someone once said to me, everything happens for a reason. So maybe we were all destined to be where we are right now, converging in this GOD comment box? Or not? ;o)

Good point Jen on re fate...

People have often asked what i would be like if i was hearing to which my reply is that i will be a right b@stard! :-)

I honestly think that being Deaf has made me who I am and given me determination and motivation. I very much doubt that I would have chosen the path I have if I was hearing.

I always say that being Deaf has given me an interesting life - if I was hearing, would I have worked in London? Would I have been to Australia? Would I have the good friends I do now? My life would be so different if I was hearing, and not necessarily for the better.

If I had the choice of being Deaf or hearing, knowing that being hearing would remove a lot of obstacles and frustration, I would still choose to be Deaf. Deaf rules!

I honestly can't imagine myself to be any different than I am now. Our life and wisdom are all influenced and formed by the choices we make or learning from our environment we find ourselves in. My foot is more in the school of chaos theory and these things happens cos they happened. It is our instinct to survive whatever is thrown at us before it is "Game Over. Retry? Y/N"

If I am being open-minded about this and dive into the deep end of this spiritual pool and float on the swells of inner-subconscious - it is possible that, for those who were previously Deaf in past lives and now living as a hearing person, are the ones who have the knack of picking up BSL quickly and more innately Deaf aware than some.....hence our ability to make that "connection" more easily with these kind of people....

Too silly for words, you have too much spare time Grumpy... Karma is the new name for the deaf gene ? Next they'll be discussing retro-hypnotism was you a deafie in your past life... bluddy 'ell get a grip... they'll be creating a religious sect next ,,,

Mary Hare Krishna?!? Methinks you prefer korma than karma and that's your prerogative.

Hmm - where exactly did you read that I believed in this school of thought?

@ Alison: Who is that aimed at?

@ MM, who was telling me that I had too much spare time, and implying that I needed to get a grip(!)

Thanks for head up - I wasn't sure as I mentioned school of chaos and had doubts whether you are referring to that or not.

As for MM - people need to free their mind more so and be more receptive with different perspectives. He think "realism" - I think "cynicism". He won't apologise hence the closed mind and distorting your message in this post.

Erm - that didn't quite come out right! lol :-) Anyway, he could have chosen just NOT commented on this article unless he has something constructive to contribute towards this post.

I simply asked what the point of throwing this silly subject into the deaf arena was all about... Usually we get Hansard cut and pastes from Grumpy.... is she dumbing down ? (I blame deafhood myself, it seems the Americans are suggesting this is the new black or something).. If they are going to make a cult out of being deaf, I want to see some decent bands.....

No Hansard, parliament is in recess. Doesn't begin until the State Opening which is ages away ...

You should know that.

Hence the silly topic today ! It's light relief, just not as we know it...

Well you can't have me angry every day, can you?

MM, the point of this post, is that this blog belongs to ALISON and JEN. Thereby, it is a means for THEM TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS, SHARE Information, THOUGHTS, and what have not.

Secondly, it's proof positive that Deafies are not preoccuppied with all things Deaf all the time. That we have the breath of mind and vision for things beyond our deafness [not that we ever forget that we are Deaf].

Now would you like me to say this in English. Your first language I beleive?

Splutter! Splutter! Fume! Fume!

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