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Deaf Rave on TV this week & Deaf FM

deafrave.jpgDeaf Rave is on television this week, except there's no subtitles. Deaf Rave quotes:

Deaf Rave on Current Tv tonight 6.32pm Sky Channel 193 and on repeat through out the week! And also out in the US! Program mainly for hearing. Sorry for lack of subtitles!

Whilst perhaps the programme is aimed at hearing people, its no excuse for no subtitles! What's the deal, these channels are supposed to comply with the law, use us for content / material, yet can't be bothered to provide the access.

You can also watch the same programme item here (again no subtitles).

On the access viewpoint, does anyone know how Deaf FM is going to work?

Deaf Radio internet station broadcasting soon with live Deaf Dj's and Interviews.

Are they about to redefine the concept of a radio station, make it accessible or not? Anyone know?

UPDATE: This video has now been transcribed by Claire of TeamHaDo, many thanks! Full transcript below:



[Hackney East London]

MC GEEZER – Yo, my name is MC Geezer.

[MC GEEZER Sign MC/Rapper]

TBC – I’m TBC, Deaf music producer.

[TBC, Deaf Music Producer]

CHINAMAN - Yo, my name is Chinaman. Peace and love.

[CHINAMAN, Deaf Rave DJ & Event Organiser]

TBC - A lot of hearing people see the deaf world in a polarised way. They don’t think for a minute that somebody who is deaf can make music. They sort of say, like, “That’s not possible.”

MC GEEZER – People don’t realise that deaf people can feel music. They don’t actually have to hear it, they can feel it.

[Chinaman started running Deaf Raves five years ago]

[The bass is played so strong that people can actually feel the beat]

CHINAMAN – In the Deaf community there were very few places you could go. When I was raving from a very early age, from about 17, I never really went into the Deaf community at that time, I went to to raving, man, like, with my hearing friends. Music when Deaf people did go about it... we like to play music! We wanna feel vibrations! We wanna tell the nation that we are vibrating, man!

CHINAMAN – Every party I play, in any deaf community, people dancing like fuck man. We try to make vibration as strong and as smooth as possible.

MC GEEZER – My brain’s gone and my body just wants to drop. It’s from feeling the vibrations pounding you and pounding you. You feel so happy. You feel excited. You feel your heat beating. The rate is like, going so fast you’re like, “Woah!!” Your mind is out of control and that feeling, it’s like, “I’m gonna have an orgasm”.

[They enter recording studio]

TBC – You alright Aaron? How you doing?

AARON – Not bad. Chinaman. Yes!

AARON – If you want, I can run it through the tube tech, which will give it a lot.., which will make the bass pretty phat, basically.

[AARON, SARM Studios]

AARON – Cos people are feeling the bass nowadays. It’s not a pop tune based around a lyrical content, they’re rapping along with the beat and the bass. It’s a big issue, so you want them to be, like, the primary focus. Cos that’s what people are gonna be hearing; or feeling. So keep it up there in both mixes. People will appreciate it.

[MC GEEZER raps FACING THE BARRIER (subtitled and signed)]

CHINAMAN – Once it’s mastered, we’re gonna go to all the Deaf events and we’re just gonna roll out with the sample.

MC GEEZER – In different ways I think music and Deaf people don’t really get there. But now we wanna change that. There’s a ship, yeah, and we’re on that ship, all three of us. And once we get to that island that we want to do, that’s our ambition.

CHINAMAN – I just want to inspire and motivate people. That’s what I’ve always been good at. I try to encourage Deaf people to go on to better things, you know? Keep practising and keep learning and you’ll get there; you’ll get better and that’s the way forward.

CHINAMAN – By the time of the Deaf Festival in two years time I want to bring the ultimate show in London. And I’m telling you it’s going to be about 1000 Deaf people in one place, watching and I’m telling you, my vision will be happy.

MC GEEZER – Music is with me for my life. If there’s no music, there’s no MC; if there’s no MC, there’s no music maker. If there’s no people wanting to listen to music, there’s no Deaf Rave. But that can’t happen. Loads of people love music. Loads of people want to create it. And we want the project to go and reach the top.

Comments (6)

LIke silent films for the blind innit :) I'm too old to rave, keeps me up after my cocoa time....

It's like white audience are only allowed to watch black entertainers, blacks are forbid to sit and watch in the early 20th century. But blacks wanted to know what it's really like.

MM, you should have a young at heart...

Excellent analogy Ashton.

I don't want my street cred criticised really... I'm a miserable old git, and no self-respecting young 'un wants old farts hanging around, being deaf tends to limit the appreciation of music anyway, as somone in a previous life (Not prehistoric), who KNOWS what hearing and music is about, (On that basis alone I'd reject raves !), I would never appreciate what the point is, jumping around to thumps under the floor, I'd always be wanting to hear the voice and everything. What do you want me to do, wear a hoodie and rap lolol....

Good to have the transcript - finally!

CHINAMAN – By the time of the Deaf Festival in two years time I want to bring the ultimate show in London. And I’m telling you it’s going to be about 1000 Deaf people in one place, watching and I’m telling you, my vision will be happy.

Anyone mind elaborating what that is?

helllo how are u doing am mary and am lookig for a deaf man that i will marry

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