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Go to the BDA Congress!

signcommunitylogo.jpgI can't believe that the BDA London / South East Office was closed a few weeks ago, and they seem to have forgotten to tell us! An email to members would have done the job. [ Or even better, a blog! WISH THE BDA WOULD GET A BLOG! I volunteer to help them to set one up, if that is any use (I suspect not, but anyway) !]

Dawn, thanks for the reply to my last post on the BDA - I really do support the BDA and want to see it thrive, as I am sure you understand. So it is with this support in mind that I will be going to the Congress in Southport next week, or at least some of it, depending when I can get time off work. Hope to see many Deafies there to show their support too!

If you're reading this blog, it would be interesting to know if you're going to the Congress, and if not, why not? Comments in the comment box below, please!

There is new information about the Congress here - programme etc - thanks to Tony B for the heads up.


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I agree re a blog or a vlog. You cannot keep information from people. Through lack of information rumours start, and people gossip.

Press releases were an old way to counteract this, but the stress is on OLD. How many people reading this actually believe PRs? I don't. Just see them as corporate spin, and they bore me to death.

However, if I get to know a person behind a blog it makes an organisation move from faceless to something I care about, and a conversation that I want to engage with on a daily basis. By getting my attention through RSS, a drip drip effect happens ... and I start to care. That's what the BDA needs right now: people who care to rally up support and even finance.

I am reading this and i am unable to come due to going on holiday next week.
Wish i had known earlier , and i agree with Alison about blogging.
Maybe we should email them a list of groups to make annouments etc

If any group wants assistance with setting up a blog, and perhaps a strategy to reach out to people ... like Jen I'm happy to assist. i.e. I'm happy to put my time where my complaining is.

Communication, and communication that is not faceless is crucial. I know the BDA has a members only group, and get the reasons behind this ... but not everyone is a member. The BDA needs to woo people over in the first instance, and through openness, honesty and communication it can get support. If they show they're human, that counts for a lot. If mistakes are made, fine .... I would rather that then some inaccessible corporation.

Agree! I have offered this before, to no avail. It is really easy! Fingers crossed something will happen.

This sounds like a really good suggestion as I am witnessing an explosion of blogging on companies/organisations' websites - even at my work (a university).

I hope this excellent idea will filter back to BDA somehow - or it could be even in the pipeline....

The publicity for this conference has been very poor. I was at Liverpool Deaf Club yesterday afternoon and many many people knew nothing about it (despite Southport being just up the road !)

I can't attend the congress as I'm stuck in the middle of the Sahara for a few weeks.

And I think if I could attend, I probably won't, there is nothing for me in Liverpool, and would feel London is better (I'm getting London-centric for a northerner) but let's face it, nearly all of us got some handy connections in (and literally, to) London.

I know bugger all about BDA except from when I heard from a certain mailing list that it was too pro-BSL to the point that I thought it was a one-issue organisation. I could well have got the wrong end of the stick but nothing I saw at the time disputed that. I still have little reason to go, what with little known about the organisation.


I agree with you. It is really really crucial to the future of the BDA if everyone pulls together and supports the BDA. I don't mean just putting your hands in your pockets and giving out money (although that would be very welcome!) but it's also about being actively involved in the BDA through telling people who work there and do volunteer work like the Board, about what you see as being the future of the BDA.

One way is through blogging. Believe me, comments are being passed onto the right people but unfortunately the BDA is having to prioritise what they are doing as resources (as in time-wise and people-wise) is very restricted.

I have a feeling that people will breathe easier and have more time after the Congress and it is crucial that as many people go there and talk to the Board, members and staff about what they want and how we can all actively support the BDA so that we can mould it into the organisation we want it to be serving OUR needs.

I am not aware of how many BDA people read this blog and others too so it is essential that people are there in person talking to the right people to get your views across.

I am really looking forward to the Congress and like Jen, hope to see many many many of you there!

(P.S. I will be there Friday to Sunday in a personal capacity as I will then have been an ex-employee of the BDA as am moving onto a new job on the following Monday!)

Toodle Pip!


Yup, I do agree. Good luck with your new job, Dawn!!

Wish i'd heard about it earlier can't go now cos already got stuff arranged. more advertising plse, more notice and more openess all round.

Will be interested to find out what went on though and hope that info will be available?

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