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New Feature: Guest Bloggers

We've decided to occasionally invite guest bloggers on this blog, just to introduce new perspective and to introduce other views. If a guest blogger already has a blog, we will link up to that blog from here.

Our first guest blogger is Tim Blackwell.

Tim is a deaf law graduate, and says, "[has] basic BSL, and still learning after an oral upbringing". [Note from me: isn't this the case for many of us?] He is a former CAB volunteer, and a strong believer in the self-determination of deaf people. Some of you may remember his name from the Read Hear pages, and he's even written for The Voice.

We're really pleased that Tim has said yes, and his post appears in the next entry. Talent like his should not be wasted.

Please let our guest bloggers know what you think by using the comment box.

Comments (5)

It seemed like my background are pretty similiar to Tim but not the same profession.

Hey, this could become the DeafDC UK equivalent. Might it be a good idea to plant a mugshot next to the Blog title?

Tony - re avatar, Jen has been nagging me for months. Its slightly more complex with MT avatar. Agree, etc.

MT 4.0 is now out which I want to give a test run this week, however unsure if when will be implemented here, CSS is different for a start which will mess up the current style sheet. The backend is different too, and the plugins that come with it. In other words, not sure re I should be spending time on 3.3 work, when 4.0 is on the horizon.

/Here endeth the waffle and excuses.

Alison...as usual you know you've got me listed in your MSN contact (I'm not listed in Friends, but under that group you call "Bunches of Geeks that I whip to do my work on a whim"

LOL - don't you just all luv it when she is all masterful.....

""" don't you just all luv it when she is all masterful....."""

What a turn on :-)

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