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Photo Friday: FYD / BTCV Conservation Weekend

FYD BCTV Conservation Weekend, 1993

At Cardiff, 1993.

Can you recognise anyone in the photo? And do you have any old photos for us?

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Is the one getting the ole heave oh Janet Wardle-Peck? The red-haired male heave-oh-er is her now hubby? [forgot his name]

@ Tony B - this link might help. Yes re Janet though, was still Janet Wardle at the time of that photo.

Keef Peck - yeah that right. I knew he was a terp for Notts DS but thanks for the head up(!) The others looked familiar - perhaps one of them is also Derby based?

I know the one with the glasses, He was a leading light later on in wanting the RNID in Wales (Really). I'll recall his name at some point !

MM - was it Simon or Steven or Stuart somebody? (The one with glasses) Definitely a "S" name!

Its Stuart Parkinson :)

Aye, tis Stuart Parkinson. There's also Alison on the left. Don't recognise the others.

Not seen Stuart since last year at Cardiff deaf club. I remember him turining up at the W C Deaf meeting to make the case for RNID involvment, up until then the RNID was not near Wales, I wonder if I can blame him now ! Seduced by the hype I expect....

Can confirm: -

Left to Right: Alison Bryan, Stuart Parkinson (both from Wales), I know this girl so will have to look back at my old photos for her name, ?, Janet Wardle & Keith Peck (now Mr & Mrs Wardle-Peck!) :).

Got some old photos of other FYD conservation weekend, I'll have to look up...

hi keith you may not remeber me? we went to london a long time ago with fyd

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