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Put your clothes back on!

Oh dear. The naked signing newsreaders have had their funding pulled... perhaps that'll teach them not to use SL as a way to make money!?

On another note, however, I disagree with pornography in any form... BUT if people want to make Deaf-accessible porn, shouldn't they be allowed to? And if so, is it fair of the Japanese Government to exclude porn from their access funding criteria? Does anyone care?



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No way, and we can do a lot more on our blogs by NOT allowing any form of access to it too. Bear in mind children read these blogs.. also, that porn sites are deliberately used by perverts, child molesters, and hackers put virus's on them too... We cannot stop pornography online, but we can make it very hard for those that push it, and we should. It would perhaps help NOT, to link to soft porn either... I operate a total ban, others should do the same,it's easy enough to stop it on your own blog or site. As deaf people we are vulnerable enough as it is... there is a duty here to try and limit our younger deaf from it I think...

First and most of all, it is down to the parents to monitor younger people's activities on the net. Blogs could contains some mechanism, perhaps a metatag, to indicate contents' ratings i.e. PG, U, 18 to make it easier for parental control software to block out such blogs or individual postings. You cannot rely on software alone as there are determined hard core miscreants out there looking to get past these safety nets. They are the ones you have to keep an eye out for. I don't mind news about naked newsreader in SL - aye, it's soft porn or bit of fun - depends how you see it. Ultimately, moderation is the key as we can't effectively cotton wool the young when sex is being used to sell products practically everywhere.

Parents have responsibilites yes, but so do other adults on the net, because the deaf are more vulnerable. Soft porn,like soft drugs isn't (I think), fun ! It's a way in, the start of the slippery slope, sooner than later, you have to draw some line, I know this isn't a populist view, and others want anything and everything unregulated, but you either support that, or you don't, I don't. If you are a parent and responsible then you tend to think more about how these things affect others. You can only go around bleating live and let live so long, then you have to decide a limit. Apart from anything else everyone involved in pornogrpahy is exploited and abused, and sometimes killed. we shouldn't support that. A bit of exposure of anatomy for a cheap laugh is how it all starts.

You can't enforce responsible behaviour and there will always be deviants around. It is not as if they are on the increase, we just are more aware of them. I wouldn't want to over-regulate this at the cost of personal freedom and liberty. By adopting that approach of regulating everything, it is almost like nannying or imposing a security state. Did you vote for Labour? :-) I'd rather pass on the responsibility to the society at large but ensure there are safety net/guards when someone overstep the mark. I guess our tolerance are at different levels. I am not advocating uninhibited access to pornography. I will do my best to protect my children development and their innocence. Sometimes you just cannot cover all the bases and it is better to make them aware of the dangers, bit by bit, rather than being naive and be vulnerable for too long. I somehow don't think looking at Spencer Tunick photos will mark the start of that slippery slope......

"A bit of exposure of anatomy for a cheap laugh is how it all starts."

I very much strongly disagree there.

It's a fact that UK have one of the highest rate of teen pregenacy in Europe...and we're very hush hush about anything sex-related...as if it's a bad thing. Bloody daft.

Kids are going to find out for themselves if we refuse to talk about it with them...with terrible mistakes being made.

Meanwhile in European countries such as Holland where they are very very open minded about sex and talk about it - ie in schools they have students practise putting on condoms on didlo's and the like and talk very frankly about it etc - no-one's ashamed to talk about sex - their teen pregenancy are very low in comparasion.

Most teenagers within UK who've visted those countries wish it was the same here - lack of knowledge is always wrong.

I'm very openminded with my kids - talking about sex etc and my oldest is only 9 but already is aware of what sex is etc. I'll prefer for them to make *informed* decisions rather than just going ahead and trying something just to find out what it is all about.

As for pornography - I'll say it depends on where it comes from. Ie from USA - actors/actresses make a lot of money from it (actresses themselves have started up their own porn businesses) and from the poorer countries, then yep, they're exploiting people but it's a vast and complex issue and not worthwhile discussing in a comment thread really.

I think most react to doubts about pornography (Or any other contentious issue), by stating they fear over regulation, rights taken away etc, I'm not convinced. If rules don't exist, then it's anarchy, that's the price of a democracy, there are limits. These rules protect the innocent and vulnerable. The current pick what right you want that exists via the present human rights law is a prime example, where 'anything goes' even murder. Everyone hates government and rules, but the alternative.... as was pointed out, society (Whatever that is), hasn't the wherewithal for collective responsibility,so they need to be told, and punished if they don't listen. No I didn't vote Labour, who does ? I think it strange the argument "it's best to expose children to the worst of things so they can adjudge what is best..", is a recipe for child abuse, it already IS, it legalizes paedophillia too. We cannot stop all that goes on, but those of us still, who believe our kids are at risk, are going to have a damn good try. A lot of appalling behaviour and perversion can be justified via 'rights'. At the end of the day you act when your gut feeling says this IS wrong, or you have no standard at all. That those who act to prevent abuse are accused of violating a person's human right to do it, is appalling.

Re: MM's comment:

I take offence at your suggestion that deaf people are "more vulnerable" and should not be exposed to porn.


Deaf people aren't victims, and should not need to be wrapped up in cotton wool. It is up to each of us as individual whether to indulge in pornographic pastimes or not.

Lost the point as usual.. it is not about what you do or not in your private life, but if it spills out into public domain and you then promote it, with no thought or care for other people NOT wanting it.. We know commentators here are tough as old boots, but the majority online aren't,and of course younger people can be influenced too, do we have a moral duty ? you are saying no, I am disagreeing with that.

I don't care if you dislike me, but to respond on that basis alone demeanes the point, Grumpy asked for discussion, then you don't like who discusses it, and demand you can do what you like when you want to do it, it doesn't work that way, and there are many things YOU dislike presumably, you would object to ? OK to dislike/oppose THOSE ! welcome to deaf debate.... As you are I presume a female I am totally saddened you encourage the exploitation of your own sex... because that is what you do when you support public airing of pornography.

But you can't moralise on this if you are currently subscribing to a blog which is an individual(s) viewpoint of the BSL community and Deaf Culture. The news broke here because its a signed news programme is being broadcasted in the nuddie. It's a Deaf angle - not promoting pornography. Your views on pornography are not dissimiliar to some facets of Sharia law ideology.

People have sexual gratification needs. Are we to deny them? Push them underground? Suppress them? Put iodine in their tea? As long as the porn industry are properly regulated and there are consenting adults, I have no problem with people using porn for simulation and thrills. In fact, it is common these days that people view sex as fun - not a sinful activity usually frowned upon back in the Victorian period. If you don't like it, you should know how to avoid pornography and avert your eyes.

Hang on, I am not being very clear in my opening sentence in my previous post. What I meant is that MM shouldn't be shifting the moral duty onto the blogger for commenting about this, which is blogging is all about. He should be complaining to the TV company for doing this broadcast and make the difference from there.

It is about choices in a free society and porno and the sex industry will around for another thousand of years as prostitution is one of the oldest profession in the world. Demand and supply. There is no avoiding that. You don't need Deaf accessible porn. Everything is visual enough as it is. What more do you want?!?

I think neither of us responded to Grumpy's original question ! which was:-

if people want to make Deaf-accessible porn, shouldn't they be allowed to?

(I said NOT for public domain, and fellow bloggers should not be supporting that either, because I have concerns for young and vulnerable deaf people, as I do for any child online, which someoe swapped around and said I was trying to stop adults accessing it.).

And if so, is it fair of the Japanese Government to exclude porn from their access funding criteria?

(yes it is fair to exclude funding for porn, I can , decent sex education and how to avoid perverts online for a few).

I will ignore the dig I am some Mary Whitehouse on a crusade to stop your fun.... grow up.

MM, I'm not responsible for your son, Joe's kids, Tony B's little girl, Fin's Bratz or anything spawn from people's loins. They are yours, and theirs. So, don't frame this argument in terms of "all adults are responsible on the net blah, blah, blah,.."

Secondly, as was stated above, Jen was COMMENTING NOT PROMOTING.... two different agendas wouldn't you agree?

Thirdly, there is nothing wrong with porn per se, but that's my view. And as a Deafie, I certainly don't feel any more vulnerable to the influence of porn than hearies are....

Besides, the Japanese nude news issue is hardly porn in the sense that people think of it. It is a marketing ploy, using nudity [eros, soft core erotica, people's curiosity of what the body looks like under all those clothes] to pull viewers [no pun intended].

There is deaf porn out there, but it is hardly an equality issue. And myself, I wouldn't waste money on a service that uses nudity to pull viewers [there's that pun again]. Access to news is an equality issue, doing it in the nude is not.

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