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Statement from Francis Murphy, BDA Chair

At the BDA Congress, we at GOD offered Francis the opportunity to say whatever he liked to our readers/viewers, and he accepted the offer. So, here he is:

... so if you're interested in the BDA and/or Deaf education, get the next train to Southport!


(English translation for non-BSL signers below...)

Hello, I’m Francis Murphy, the new Chair of the BDA. Right now, I’m at our Congress, ‘Rights Through Language and Cultural Equality – Our Education’, which has just started and is going well. I know a lot of you are keen to know what is happening with the BDA now and in the future - many people have certainly asked me - so this is a good opportunity for me to make a few things clear.

The BDA is having financial problems at the moment. We are aware that we need to make this situation a priority and we are committed to trying to sort it out because we very much want the BDA to continue. However, it is important to explain what will be happening in the near future. At our recent meetings, the BDA Board have talked a lot about the best way for us to work with the Deaf community – our members and other people – and focus on things that you think are important.

Our core values around the Deaf identity, language, sign language, equality and everything in relation to that are all still the same, but we need to see how we can improve. For example, today’s speakers were brilliant, and made us realise that politics are missing from the BDA. We need to focus more on campaigning, that’s important. Another issue of great importance is education; the very reason that the BDDA was set up in the first place; we’ve come full circle to it again. However, we know this issue is huge. There’s no quick and easy solution and we know we can’t deal with it alone. We need to work in partnership with experts out there, which includes you! So if you’re interested in Deaf education and want to work with us, please get in touch with us now – we need your support! Everyone’s told us they want to see us working on Deaf education, so we need to try and work together on this issue to get the best possible results.

Right now is a great opportunity for us to meet with our members and talk to you all. Soon, we’ll let you know our new plans of action. If you have anything you’d like to share with us, please do get in touch. We’d welcome that very much. Thank you!

Translated by TeamHaDo.

Comments (2)

Many thanks for enclosing the vlog presentation of Francis Murphy, new British Deaf Association leader!

We, Americans, Brits, Canadians and other deaf people across the globe facing the same problem - political apathy to be part of the political process for all the levels of government to see/hear our concerns and quality of life issues.

Sadly, more civic organizations of the deaf (hearing, too) get politically and socially apathetic. People nowadays seems too busy with the personal gratifications like having 100+ cable television channels and other non-necessities. We often forget about the basic foundation of our humanity like our own responsibility to provide good education, safe housing and free from fear of life for youngsters alike.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)
RLMDEAF blog *wave hands*

This is the sort of thing I want to see from the BDA - respect for lay members of the Deaf community, and honesty from the Chair. Good stuff.

GOD - this is the sort of thing you should be doing. More please! Can't wait to see the interview with Paddy Ladd.

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