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The RNId's new digital hearing aid...

blingaid.jpg ... not. I don't think even the RNId can afford this hearing aid. For a start, it's made from solid 24-carat gold and is studded with 220 diamonds. It has a remote control. It is expected to sell for over £25,000.

Jeesh. And yes, it's real! It was designed by a bloke called Barry Moule for a company called Widex:

"Creating this aid required the services of Barry Moule a highly specialised London-based jeweller with a unique set of skills. “Though I have produced exotic items such as jewel encrusted mobile phones in the past this is the most unusual project in my career,” commented Moule."

... So it looks like lots of rich hearing aid wearers are going to have to fight over it. Too bad if you want a matching one for your other ear(!)


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Perhaps we can all get one on the NHS, citing trauma of wearing a beige one. Afterwards flog the diamonds individually on eBay.

That would be perfect to go with Damian Hirst's diamond skull!! :-)

It's a PR stunt...make them fashionable...

What's funny is that I've noticed - this is a personal obversation and by no means an actual comprehensive view of the entire Deaf population in UK...but...here goes:

HoH/deaf - ie those that doesn't view themselves are part of Deaf culture - tend to try and hide their hearing aids etc.

Deaf/HoH - those that view themselves as part of Deaf culture - tend to go for colourful ear moulds and hearing aids - making it more fashionable etc.

My thought was that it's because those in Deaf culture just accept that they're deaf and are not ashamed of that fact and am perfectly happy to broadcast it to the world, whereas those that are not in Deaf culture try to...(not saying that they are ashamed...most aren't) hide it, because they wish to be hearing and if they can get away with people thinking that they are hearing - ie by hiding hearing aids then that's what they will do.

Just one question: who will wear this gold and diamond hearing aid? A manufacturer's advertising model, or a real customer with an affinity for bling?

We shouldn't forget Clive Mason's silver hearing aid box should we ? I've a photo of me with him wearing it... He'll not live that down lol...

At last those hearing people who made it think we Deafies can be rich... it's for Deaf Chavs... that's not so me then! Jen/Alison, hopefully you could find a picture of hearing aid with red, green & yellow (symbol for rasta)

Ash xXx

Oooh I haven't wear any hearing aids since I was 14.. don't need hearing aids anyway(!)

There's loads of sites where hearing aid fashion is the vogue, colours, shapes, jewelled etc, I think it's a great idea not hiding them anymore... I recall doing a blog on it last year I think, where I took it a step further and put adverts on hearing aids "My other aid is a Bosch", and "Eat at Joes..", seemed to be favourites lolol.... I think we did CI's as well, with 'Drilled and Filled' on them :) AID POWER lololol....

Having trouble finding a company to make coloured tubing and really jazzy moulds any ideas please

Try Arlington Laboratories, they do kids but will post private stuff at a fee.

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