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Coming Out, Charlie Swinbourne

The short film 'Coming Out' - written by Charlie Swinbourne, directed by Louis Neethling (who directed 'Switch'), has been added to YouTube. It stars David Hay, Debbie Norman and Ilan Dwek.

The premiere of this film was at last January's London Deaf Film Festival. The film went on to win a Clin d'Oeil European Video Award in Paris, and last weekend won best foreign film voted by the audience at the Viittomakielinen filmifestivaali, a deaf film festival in Finland.

UPDATE: Tony has done an analysis.

See also:
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Hmm, the video is gone... would love to watch it again!

@ Tony S: apparently the video got deleted by accident. I've embedded the new video now, so it should work. (If it doesn't do a shift + refresh). :)

Thanks, Alison, now I can blog it. :D

ld LOVE to get a copy of this clip on DVD, anyone know where I can buy it?

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