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Diana and Me, by Clark Denmark

The Concert for Diana which marked what would have been Diana, the Princess of Wales' birthday on the 1 July this was televised by the BBC. As part of this concert, there was a series of tributes - Diana and Me - from people who she worked with.

One of these tributes was delivered by Clark Denmark, who talks about Diana becoming Patron of the BDA, learning BSL and delivering an address at the BDA's centenary celebrations back in 1990. For those of you who missed it, or international readers, here's a clip:

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The video got stuck, wouldn't run. Can you please remedy that and let us know so we can try it again?


The video is running at this end, perhaps try again? Its in flash, assume your browser is flash enabled?

not working at all..

It's working for me.. have trie din 3 browsers: firefox, opera and IE

Sorry. Correct my last comment. It did not play in IE [hav version]. It plays in Firefox and Opera, which you should all be using. Not that crap IE! In IE it just hangs.


If you want to watch the above vid or any vids on this site, and it is not working in IE [which ever crappy version you have]. Download and install opera or firefox. These days dead easy to do, and well worth the effort. There's only so much a person can do to make thier content accessible, so you the viewer/ surfer/ reader need to effect some changes too.

So download firefox or opera and enjoy the web the way it should be!

Thank you for this clip. I adored Princess Di and I still miss her good works in the world She was a shining star. It's always nice to see her remembered. I am so impressed with her interest in sign language and support of deaf people. How lucky you were to meet her in person.

~ LaRonda

not working at all ...
sad! try it again

People who its not working for, please tell us what browser you are using. Is it Internet Explorer by any chance?

Try this link, this should work:


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