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Finally! A vlog! In honour of International SL Day...

A rather un-grumpy vlog, featuring Jen, her runaway dog and some trees...

English script:

It's International Sign Languages Day today, and I thought I would vlog from my corner of the world, just to show that, indeed, there are sign languages all over the world.

So here I am in the middle of nowhere - AKA Yorkshire - quite near my house. It's kind of over there somewhere... can you swivel the camera please?


Great, thank you. Oh no, the dog's running off! [LOL] Happy International Sign Languages Day! Oh, one last thing...


Comments (13)

Hope you had a good International Day of Sign Languages & Deaf. I am pretty sure we are preparing this day better next year!! We had about fifteen minutes here to honor this International Day, and we decided to make bigger plan next year.

Nice dog!! deafk

As far as I can see the sum total of Brit output was about 5 blogs on it.... now I know why the Americans wanted to use Black....

There was nothing official organised for the UK. Next week is Learn to Sign Week: http://www.learntosign.org.uk/

And the sum output of MM's support for BSL is NIL, ZILCH, CRITICISM, PUT DOWN, TEAR DOWN, DAMPEN OTHER'S EFFORTS, PARTY POOPER... THAT'S why the Americans wanted to use Black!

I'm backing an 'ignore stupid Australians week' in fact anyone wants to join e-mail me lol :)

MM, you need to appreciate the hard work that others do. Jen and Alison put alot of time and effort into encourgaing and trying to build a positive DEAF world. If all you can do is bag their efforts, or greet their work with a ho hum, under the guise of critical commentary, go elsewhere. Say nowt. That simple really.

I don't really see myself as an BSL advocate, more a deaf one, if there was misinformation in my comment please let me know.... who is bagging who ?

I don't really see myself as an BSL advocate, more a deaf one, if there was misinformation in my comment please let me know.... who is bagging who ?

MM, like I said in another post to you.. this is a PRO BSL blog and PRO DEAD COMMUNITY/ CULTURE blog.. to whom do you hope to appeal your so called advocacy to?

gorgeous dog u have :-)

keep up with the good work, Jen!

Maybe the dog will help to capture the empathy of Jackie Ballard?

The 'dead community', Tony? I think the news of our demise is greatly exaggerated.

oops I did mean DEAF!

I have just come across your vlogs whilst looking for some images, firstly I want to let you know I've now been watching your vlogs for the last 45 minutes, I'm captivated, unfortunately, I don't understand a great deal, although I'm hoping that will change soon...
I'm a Sabbatical officer at the University of the Arts, London Students' Union, myself and some of our students would love to set up a BSL society, and I'm looking for a teacher. They need to be able to teach in London, hopefully on Wednesdays, and happy to work with a wide range of learners both hearing and hearing-impaired art students. I'm guessing from your vlog that you're rather more Yorkshire based than London, but I'll definitely be looking at your page on a regular basis, hopefully before long, I wont have to rely on the transcript below to understand your msgs.
All the bes, and keep it up!


PS If anyone based in London is reading this and interested in Teaching us, please get in touch, j.e.cooper@su.arts.ac.uk :-)

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