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Four Deaf Yorkshiremen, A Trailer

A one minute trailer for the forthcoming film 'Four Deaf Yorkshiremen', has been released. The film made over the summer, is about one man who challenges the others to tell him the worst story about growing up deaf. It was written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, and stars John Smith, Ilan Dwek, Matt Kirby and Jonathan Reid.

Here's the trailer:

For those of you who don't understand BSL, Charlie hopes there will be a subtitled version to follow. The full 12 minute film will be released in November 2007, presumably to coincide with Deaffest.

UPDATE: Charlie sez:

The film was made in one afternoon in a pub in Twickenham, on a very low budget of £185! Basically I wrote the script back in May after seeing a classic Monty Python sketch on TV, and decided to write something for the deaf audience inspired by that sketch. Everyone who participated in the film gave their time for free, with the aim of putting some new deaf drama on the web for everyone to watch. Make up came from Kellie Moody who did a great job, and the most important part was Remark Productions, who gave not only camera man (Mark Nelson) and equipment but also gave me use of their editing facilities (the film is still being finished!). The final film will be out for all to see at the end of November, in two versions so people can watch with or without subtitles depending on their use of BSL!

UPDATE 2: The subtitled version can now be seen here.

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Comments (4)

Even if they converse in BSL, I'd still want to see it in the United States. These kinds of conversations about their lives as Deaf men are always galvanizing and interesting.

Best of luck -- the film looks very interesting!



Intriguing! keep us posted about its release. I am very curious to know what the WORST story would be!

Looking forward to your film!

Ooh!! *waits in anticipation*

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