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Photo Friday: BSL March 2003, The Start

BSL March 2003 020

Recognise anyone?

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Although I have never met her (some people say I am lucky ::hides::) that woman on left with shorts fluorescent waiscoat (look like a fag in hand) and a whistle is Jen a poster of Grumpy :-)

Ha, yes you are lucky, Fintan (!) Indeed, it is me. And I would like to point out I have now given up smoking!! Also, my hair is a lot longer these days. Can I be a spoilsport and say the others are:

[L-R] Millie Vadgama, who made the magnificent, huge banner she is holding, Della Pedley, and Clark Denmark.

Hmm that doesn't leave many people left to name but I shall attempt my best...

Bloke on the very far right - PC Plod

Actually Joe, that cop is a CODA! You can see him signing in the photo. Wish I could remember his name.

I gave the name! PC Plod :D

Was it Tom Humphries or something like that?

That me alive, who I am making the banner, i am so proud of people are love from my designer of banner and beauty day celerate walker the road.
I AM FAINT DOWN hard work making banner for 2 weeks so i brave person of lady cow ha ha. Best of them enjoy life last time. DEAF POWER IN UK.
I hope our human right are for life of the real.

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