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YouTube: Bursted Eardrum / Sam Dore, films

Sam Dore, of Bursted Ear Drum has now added his films to You Tube. The channel can be found here. People in the UK will be familiar with his films, and its good to see Sam promoting his talent on the net, via indirect marking. Here's a selection of his films:

More of Sam Dore's films on his You Tube channel.

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Last film cracked me up real good. Love that. All three films are very good. I must say that that filmmaker did excellent jobs! Boy it was funny!!

Bravo! Bravo! I love all three films. All are hilarious! Thank you so much for the entertainment. I am catching on some BSL signs. I notice "happy" in BSL is similar to "paper" sign in ASL, "day", LOL, "Dickhead!"

Anyway, I encourage you to sell DVDs when you make some more. Trust me, you are a true gifted filmmaker. Thank you from America!

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