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Another Danish sign language march, in Aarhus

Following Jen's post about the march in Copenhagen earlier to recognise their sign language, another Danish march took place in Aarhus. Here's some footage:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Via Isabelle's Sign Language Blog.

If we ever marched in the UK again, you have to wonder if simultaneous marches would be a good idea, or would one march work better? I know what I think, but use the comment box and let us know your view.

See also:
Photo Video Friday: Danish Deaf March

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thanks for sharing this with us. I am sure you are learning what to improve the sign languages and deaf day next time, should it be rain, you can make plan b.


(Off topic)...

Dear Alison and Jen:

I just read your "About GOD" explanations, and it suits me just fine.. but I have one question: Your #4 statement reads,

"4) We will not respond to any requests for apologies. Sorry."

Good one! But why did you apologize?

Grin!!! I LOVE IT

We decided it was better to apologise for not apologising, because that made us seem politer, and meant that people would probably hassle us less ;o) I am not sure if it worked, though - what do you think?

Thanks for posting those videos about other International Day of Sign Languages events/marches. I appreciate this very much. I look forward to even bigger and more powerful demonstrations/events next year especially with the serious Oralism backlash happening all over the world currently.


That was me who filmed it.
Thank you for past it, Alison


Regards from

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