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Just to point out (r.e. CIs and meningitis)

Just to be clear here; I did not invent the story about CIs and meningitis. Only a sicko would do that. I got the story from the US Food and Drug Administration, which covers America only, I think. I thought people would like to know about it.

This story was referenced fully in my last post, but some people seem to have had difficulty in accessing the links. To access a link, click on the red bits of text, which will open a new page in a new window. Confused? Leave a comment below.

In the meantime, here's the website address in full for those of you who want it:




Have faith in GOD!


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You need a huge flashing neon sign next to every link you create - since there are people that is unable to read and *gasp* follow links...fancy that...links?!...(not mentioning any names here...but it's clear to all who's that)

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