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Learn to Sign Week (UK)

It's Learn to Sign Week this week (1st-7th October). Check out the BDA's new Learn to Sign website here!

Also, there will be a Deafie on The Paul O' Grady Show at 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday). Whoopee do!

Not forgetting See Hear is back on Wednesday, in its rather crap new 1pm mid week slot. I still object (see link below)!

Anyway, if you can't sign... this week is the week to learn!


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Comments (2)

While SEE HEAR has shown us for years, that deaf do it with their hands, people have been demanding a change of emphasis that at least appears inclusive of deaf diversity, can't say I'm impressed with the content of the new episode either, they are going to apprently show shops don't offer much loop access, which while an access issue, is not going to convince us they are 'cutting edge',it seems rather a naive approach to deaf diversity to me.

The forthcoming issues to be covered seem pretty dated too..deaf clubs on the skids etc, this is pretty old news. we all know they are in the pubs or on facebook. I won't miss the over emphasisis on BSL, mainly because I've yet to see BSL signers doing the same as they do anyway. SH was created around a deaf eco-system that has long been overhwlemed by progress and has changed/dispersed. I think it is make or break the next 2 years. Nobody wants a total BSL program any more because there is nothing more to cover from that area after 25yrs...., BSL users don't want hearing or HI in, something has gotta give, it will be SEE HEAR, now approaching it's sell-by date..

MM, this is a pro-BSL blog. Whom do u hope to convince with your tripe about BSL et al?

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