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Photo Friday: Preston Annual Fancy Dress Pub Crawl 2006


Can you name anyone?

Photo credit: Colin Singh

Comments (12)

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, and Sexy!

"Hollywood Ladies"

Oh dawling don't they look pretty but sad innit cos they look a coupla slags with their hang ups for MEN...I can't name them really!!
Ms. Nippy, Ms. Titty, Ms. Cow and Ms.Faggot urmmm have started world war 3?

caio My perno on the rock is waiting more piccies please....

Yes you ahve started a war.. as a Gay man I detest to the use of the term Faggot, and I eually detest the use of the word slag. Both these words have such a loaded history and connotations, and quite often, straight men [as in heterosexual] use these two quite liberally without a thought to their offensiveness [not that I'm saying that you M Willams are a straight male].

I'm not gonna go into the background and histoyr of these words.

AND, spare me the free speech line!

Tip Of The Day: Don't post comments on blogs - especially this blog - when you're drinking Pernod, unless you want to annoy Tony Nicholas. He doesn't need any more annoyances in his life!

ouch am a gay man meself mate!! yeah faggot and slag are not nice words and the perno as jen said got the better of me ...so again ...Ms Marple,
Ms. Haverstock, Ms.Broadside, Ms. LittleMcCor unless Tony want drama of some sorts....I just wanted ot contirbute some enlighten fun to what I saw on the piccies theirs unless they happen to be the real sort?!

Caio and not drinking today Jan!

Sure thing sweetheart [M Williams, dahling], but I still don't like the words faggot and slag. They are used for cheap laughs, when we are capable of betta [isn't that right Jen!!!!]

LOL.... anyways peace bro, peace!

are you one of them in the piccies?!! and which one?? just asking just asking ........dawlings......

Ha... I'm not getting involved!! BUT I'm definitely not in the photo, FYI!

Am I in the pic? Yeh right. As if I'm gonna fly all the way from Oz to the UK to play dress up... doorling!

one only need to wear dollys red shoes ...click it twice... and away you go from Oz to the Dull North West of England...hee hee imagine one can do that instead of all the bloody hassle at the airport....and putting up wityh trying to hear what the hearies are telling us in the cabins....hee haw!!

Well Jen I know you are'nt one of themin the cast!! You prefer to carry the banner i guess!

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