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Photo Friday: Rights Not Charity

BSL March 2003

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Yep agree, can't understand why its needed these days!!

I AGREE! Charity what for?

How about respect not patronisation ? seeing as the RNID is primary deaf carer, they exist and won't go away, are funded by HM Government to a degree too. I was a member of the RIGHTS NOW ! group in Wales years ago and the BCODP, was the sole deaf person at the launch of the DDA in Manchester, sadly, I was virtualy alone as a deaf person doing that because the deaf wouldn't recognise the disabled tag, so much work the deaf have yet to do, so few coming forward to do anything. I also was a secretary of South Welsh FIRST coalition of disabled people too.

Rights demands responsibility and expertise too, if the deaf are enabled financially (this is what rights mean, cold cash in your hand), to set up support as THEY want it, then who is going to supply that on a national basis ? the RNID again ? the BDA ? BOTH are charities. We haven't scratched the surface of the issues involved. At present the system deaf-wise is a collection of odd-bods (Myself included !), all trying to suggest or do things their way, if this is repeated across the deaf and HI area of 9 million it would be chaos, and support could collapse or worse, be run by by those with the ability to mobilise a group, or the private sector, thus disabling the individual again.

I have seen many Deaf leaders in charities or on board of charities criticising Deaf run businesses for taking the money away from their organisations. Bollocks I say to them and ask them what is wrong with competition providing a better service to Deaf people than that provided by badly organised charities. Just look at the Deaf Expo events in the United States where Deaf businesses are valued and Deaf people get financial advice, legal advice and so on from Deaf businesses. Their equivalent of BDA/RNID is the NAD and they focus on legislation and lobbying for Deaf Rights and Access. Never in a blue moon would they consider running a sign language class(!)
BDA is in a bad way financially and organisationally and it is much needed that they cut to the basics and employ a group of Deaf or Deaf aware legal people to relaunch itself as a true Deaf advocacy organisation. What do you think?

Yes, absolutely agree.

I think the problem with charity it that it frustrates the attainment of equal rights. Instead of saying 'we are entitled to be equal', charity says 'please can we be allowed to be equal depending on peoples kindness'. (!) It subordinates us. (Loosely connected, see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/mbouch/F2322273?thread=4666074 )

RNID has to be the ultimate abuse of charity - rattling tins and saying 'please help those poor deaf people!' and then spending the money generously given on lucrative employment for hearing people. So RNID gets rich slowing down progress to equal rights for deaf people, which is at odds with their own stated objects.

Shameful. Rights, not charity!

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