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Sign of the Times: dvd on path to legal recogntion of NZSL

signofthetimes.jpgRecently we blogged about a NZ scientist and his contribution to the Nobel Prize Peace Award.

Within the post we also mentioned Victoria Manning, and in the comments, we were asked how to view a film - Land of the Deaf - that had been made. Whilst we don't have details of this particular film, another film has been made which might be of interest.

Readers will be aware of the New Zealand Sign Language Act 2006, which grants NZSL official status, and how Victoria Manning had played a part in this.

Since we've yet to achieve legal recognition in the UK, for those of you with an interest in this subject might be interested in purchasing a copy of a recent dvd on the legal status of NZSL.

If you would like a copy, you can download the NZ Overseas Order Form [PDF].

We have yet to see the film, and currently awaiting information on whether Paypal or similar is accepted as a form of payment. If anyone has details on this, please use the comment box.

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Deaf Scientist in the UK involved in Nobel Prize Peace Award.

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