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Emerging Slovenia: Photography on Cochlear Implants

Currently in London there was an exhibition at the Host Gallery, London entitled Emerging Slovenia, photographs by Borut Peterlin (the exhibition closes this Saturday).

One of the books on display was photography of implanted Slovenian children. Miracle of Science: Rehabilitation of Deaf Children in Croatia

It seems that the cochlear implant programme is a result of fundraising, perhaps in the name of 'progress':

The key event in raising awareness was a campaign called "Let them hear" that began when children of war veterans forfeited their Christmas gifts in favour of donating to a fund. The campaign engaged the nation; everyone from the ordinary worker to the president and the prime minister to celebrities got involved.

There are more images on this page, and one that quotes:

It has been said that technology is digging our own grave. Perhaps, but today's modern medicine with its digital technology is making results, that could be called miracles. How would you otherwise name a surgery that enables a completely deaf child to hear a sound for the first time?

Why is it that hearing people are so ill conceived about normalisation that they hang onto any wrong descriptors?

More photos of the children can be seen here. Images that revokes certain emotions within me, more than words are often capable of.

If you are interested in some of the photographer's general images, they can be found here.

What do you think of this work, and what emotions do the images evoke for you?

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