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Four Deaf Yorkshiremen: the whole film!

Following Deaffest this weekend, Charlie Swinbourne's film Four Deaf Yorkshiremen has been put online:

Total length: 9 minutes 59 seconds

How hard was growing up deaf? In this comedy sketch, four old deaf men try to tell the worst story about their childhood - and there's ten pounds on the table for the 'winner!'

The film was inspired by the classic 'Four Yorkshiremen' sketch made famous by Monty Python, but with a new script for a deaf cast.

Written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, made in association with Remark Production

Starring * John Smith * Ilan Dwek * Matthew Kirby * Jonathan Reid * Camera * Mark Nelson * Make-up * Kellie Moody * Assistant Editor * Fifi Garfield * Runner * David Cassandro * With thanks to The Fox Inn, Yorkshire Dales *

You can also watch the deleted scenes:

Total length: 1 minute 31 seconds

UPDATE: Charlie sez: "Coming Out won best UK film yesterday at Deaffest, so it's been a great weekend! Four Yorkshiremen was nominated as well, and had a great reception from people there".

Congratulations! This is not the first time this film has won an award, as previously blogged the film has won a Clin d'Oeil European Video Award in Paris, and later won the best foreign film voted by the audience at the Viittomakielinen filmifestivaali, a deaf film festival in Finland.

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Comments (5)

i love the whole story! thanks!!!

Bloody fantastic! You make cinema magic come alive from Deafhood!

brava brava.


Very very funny grumpy old deafies, loved them.

Its fantastic show of grumpy old deafies with sign languague.Great show.

you guys pack way more punch than any deaf american actor (sorry, russell...you just haven't gotten the right opportunities!). i am wholly in love and find it refreshing that you can afford wardrobes, educations and true acting skills. ah, the harbor within is looking for a ship in its dock!

bloody fantastic is right. you're a riot--i sniffed out the punchline shortly before it came--the american deaf comedies i see either give everything away or are too, to put it nicely, esoteric to make sense at any junction.

BRILLIANT. effin', puffin' brilliant. so brilliant i want to rub that philosopher's stone--

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