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Guest: Clark Denmark - Stop!

Clark Denmark has agreed to guest vlog on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, and thoughts around eugenics:

Thanks Clark. Deaf people particularly in the UK need to see this, please pass this on. More BSL content to follow.

If you want to watch a video in ASL on this subject, check out this vlog by DE.

See also:
Parliament: Deaf Embryo selection to be made illegal
HFEB: Explanatory clause on deaf selection
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Comments (3)

it's great to see this video from Clark
for me, the main reason i'm keen for cultured Deaf families to remain is because they really bring out the positive out of deaf children from hearing background... i don't think i'd have come as far as i have had i not met cultured Deaf children from Deaf families, they really showed me the breadth of how far the culture a full language can brings to life
as more and more couples have children later in life, needing medical help to produce offsprings, evidently families with cultured Deafies will diminish and deaf people from hearing background will feel more and more isolated
re philosopher's post, well, the Scottish costs the English lots of money, why don't we ban Scottish genes as well? i think the argument here is to preserve diversity which is the essence of anyone's life and indeed economy like in London... imagine a white and black world where everyone's more and more similar? the core of the culture behind the most visual language who supports the great many new deaf people would be best to disappear last, not first.

I strongly object to the Government attempting to prevent the birth of Deaf children. I am a Deaf individual myself and feel that the Government has no right to make such decisions or enforce such a prevention!

There have never been any consultations with Deaf people on this issue, nor am I aware of any Deaf people, who constitute any Government members.

There is nothing wrong with the Deaf community - this is the community I strongly relate to. I know that if a Deaf child was born to myself, I would be very pleased as this would mean I could relate to my child and establish a bond and connection through the Deafness we would share.
Thanks Chantelle

Hello Everyone,

I have read those comments and information of what happening in UK,

myself I'm Deaf and from Australia, I am involved in Advocacy area for the Deaf people.

I suggestion you can complain to your own countries i.e. National Association of the Deaf Inc (NAD) or British Deaf Association.. so you can feed back your concerns, or tell them to contact WFD(World Federation of the Deaf Inc)

World Federation of the Deaf Inc, possible following up on the international issues on Human Fertilization and embryology bill due to Denmark or UK, someone has mentioned that possible breach the constitution of United Nations, universal rights for disabled people.. (you can have a look at it) in United Nations website

Take care,


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