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HFEB: other places discussing Deaf Eugenics

Here's some other vlogs, blogs and forums on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, aka that Deaf Eugenics clause:





Do you know of any others? We'll link you.

Deaf in the UK what are you doing to get the word out? Where are you putting your opinions online? Don't leave this to international people to respond to.

See also:
HFEB: BDA draft letter to Professor Marcus Pembrey
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Parliament: Deaf Embryo selection to be made illegal

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Pardon me as for I have not been online much these days - started a new job (where I am forbidden from accessing my personal emails etc) and my current commitment with 3D Derby Deaf Drama's next production, Wizard of Oz, due out in less than a fortnight.

For want of a better word, I am deeply concerned about this. This is the start of a slippery slope - heading towards designer babies. Without our diverse characteristics and uniqueness, this society will be a poorer place to be without empathy, tolerance and respect for our differences. It is alarming that the government is considering outlawing the parents' choice to accept their responsibilities of being parents whatever the outcome of their newborn - deaf or not, disabled or not. Is this nanny state fast becoming a police state?

I might as well vote for Lib Dems next - anything to stop Labour / the Tories / their industries cronies controlling and tightening their grips on in this country and protecting their interests.

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