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What is going on?!

What I'd like to know is which bright spark at the RNId came up with the downright offensive idea for an Ear of the Year* competition?!

"Ears are beautiful and amazing things and we think they have been neglected for far too long! So we've launched a search to find the UK's sexiest ears," say the RNId.

Well, I disagree! In general, I find ears rather weird to look at. Let's face it, most ears are just funny shaped bits of skin, mine included. Sexy? I don't think so. I'm much more of a fan of hands or eyes, myself.

And if your ears don't work, what's meant to be amazing about them?! Mine are useful for holding my glasses on, but that's it.

Haven't the RNId got anything better to do other than encourage people to take photos of their ears, and me to type grumpy blog posts during my lunch break?!

For heaven's sake.


* The red bit is a link. Click on it!

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I have to agree with Jen, its urgh, don't know how anyone would find ears sexy!

I wonder how they judge it? What makes a good ear!? I would imagine the criteria would be something like: he ear must be free of hairs, free of ear wax - any body else would like to add to the criteria?



We all have different taste here.
I lourve ears - it turns me on just looking at some people ears and seeing something sensual and sexy. Now now I dont go into the ear hole and dig out the waxes etc..... That how I was attracted to my partner!!
As for the RNID silly turn with the ear thingybob.. that a heaire project all over!! erkk....good luck to them

The fact that RNIDeaf is hosting this smells real bad!
Can't they simply be creative and pro-Deaf/Sign Language like hosting a competition for the most beautiful picture of a sign, or a picture of a Deaf person or family showing the organic and creative nature of being Deaf and Sign Language??
Sure, I know RNID (similiar to our AGBell) will probably never do that but thanks for bringing their own weird actions and utterly bad-taste decisions to the public.

If the RNIB did a 'sexiest eyes' competition, how do you think that would go down? A couple of other points:

a) RNID have told me that it's too much to ask for me (a member) to give direct feedback to their trustees. Yet it seems it's not too much to ask to get feedback on this nonsense.

b) RNID constantly repeat the claptrap: 'we pick the best person for the job irrespective of disability.' Right, so these best persons think this sexiest ears stuff is one of deaf people's priorities?

@ Ella - I agree. The problem with the rnid, it says it supports BSL, yet through the way it acts it doesn't. At least with AGB you are under no illusions as to what it represents.

It is not representing diversity and looks as if it is obsessed with normalisation, when in fact it should be promoting difference. Deaf people are visual people, including those who lipread. This looks hearing led, and how can it ride on the back of public funds to promote negative images, not lead from bottom up. Don't forget the £50 million turnover.

Its oppressive and focuses on something that is broken (for a 'deaf' charity). Why not have pictures of legs for people who don't have them, images of arms for a charity for those with no arms. Just to rub in a point of how bad it is. Why doesn't the RNIB run a competition of pictures of eyes, while we are at it. Wonder what blind people would think?

Ali, ears are useful for things other than to hear. For exmaple, ear rings, licking during sex, making the human head look less alien, shady places for flies ot nestle in in the hot Australian summers. If we didn't have ears, what would RNID then focus on? Rears? Rears don't hear, they make sound tho. Hey yeah, RNID here's an idea for you, FIX YOUR EAR AND LISTEN TO YOUR REAR! That would make a good campaign.

Cheers, Tony. I needed a laugh!

Wow, here's me hoping I could win this with the tattoo on my earlobe. Just think, I could put it on my gravestone. Howard Hardiman: 1976-2007. Ear of the Year in the year of his untimely death at the hands of brutal deaf activists.

What better epitaph?

Yr welcum Jen, luckily I stopped right there, as I was gonna get quite rude about the whole concept. Might do it on my blog tho! Keeping GOD clean.

wawh haw haw parppppppp..... oh dear.... more pls Tony

was going to blog about this but yer beaten me to it :-)

I did send them an email saying how crass it is and here is a snippet of email
"Other charities use similar approaches to engage the general public with their causes. For instance, the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign uses the slogan 'don't let your muscles go to waste' to encourage people who don't have Muscular Dystrophy to fundraise for them."

Hi, I'm the person from RNID who Fintan has quoted above. You might like to know that we are running the Awards because although there are 9 million people in the UK who are deaf or hard of hearing, there are millions of other people who don’t appreciate the problems and discrimination that deaf and hard of hearing people face everyday.

RNID is trying to engage these people in many ways, including the Ear of the Year Awards. Our Awards are meant to be fun and light-hearted because we want to encourage everyone to think about their ears. Anyone can enter – it doesn’t matter if you are deaf, Deaf, deafened or hearing. Already lots of hearing aid users have entered, and so have some profoundly deaf people.

Feel free to email campaigns@rnid.org.uk to give us your feedback.

I can't remember ever reading a more retarded set of comments from ignorant blinkered fools - and i'm refering to you deaf people rather than RNID.

Cocooned in your ridiculous deaf culture you seem immune to the realities of the world. If you are so convinced that being deaf is nothing but a blessing then i'd assume you've no need of a charity to promote your cause. If this is the case why care what RNID does.

The fact is being deaf isn't that great and RNID does valuable work promoting the worthy cause of informing those at risk from hearing loss that their hearing is a valuable sense which needs protecting. Ear of the Year is one way of achieving this.

You should grow up and realise that the world isn't just about you. RNID does valuable work for BSL users but it also has a duty to work for those that aren't BSL users but are affected by hearing loss.

I think the people who have posted above protest too much. A poster above mentioned' Its oppressive and focuses on something that is broken'. i thought you BSL users were proud of being deaf and didn't consider yourselves 'broken' in any way. The pathetic srutiny you continually appliy to RNID and it's activities tells me otherwise - as does the constant attempts to emphasise how great deaf culture is. There's a reason very few other people are interested and it isn't lack of coverage.....

We're all entitled to our opinion. You don't have to agree. There's no need to be so rude!

I agree, Jen.

I am surprised that something which is nothing more than sheer rudeness is allowed to befoul this site, but if it shows the world what sort of people support RNID, that helps rather than hinders our cause.

The fact that this focuses on EARS is downright offensive. BSL, oral etc is immaterial, and the fact we use our other senses. Andy - you've just thrown a label around re the authors of this blog, knowing nothing about us. 'You BSL users' and 'cocooned in ridiculous deaf culture'. Hmm again - where's your evidence?

Just come back from my second 100% hearing event this week, not mixed with Deaf at all ... if that's okay with you?! In fact, I've not been to a Deaf event for over 2 years ... not that its any of your business. Just rather weird where you (and others) pull complete assumptions from out of thin air who we may be. Some prejudiced mentality going with no justification.

And even if we mixed with Deaf, so what? Is there a rule book to say: must mix with hearing because _____? Please tell me what the because is, as I would love to know.

Aren't white people cocooned in their ridiculous whiteness, etc? People who use the same language must not group together, e.g. those who use Welsh, Urdu, Farsi, etc, because ______? We all at some point group. Such comments are nothing but rude.

The rnid - as far as I'm concerned does not help. In fact it gets in the way of progress. :-|

Lisa - I assume you are hearing? Do you feel comfortable about making a decision for *deaf* people how they should be portrayed?

For those of you who may have been unsure what I was talking about before, hereabouts:


I would suggest reading that and then rereading McGlynn's comments; that will make it clear.

Well Andy McGlynn,

1. If there were no Deaf people, RNID and others wouldn't exist. So we must be importnat for someone's existence.

2. Who said that being Deaf isn't all that great? Speak for yourself. Many of us are quite content and happy being Deaf. It's Hearing people who give us the shits with their assumptions and impositions.

3. What valuable work is RNID doing? Sexy Ears campaigns?

4. If their work is truly valuable, then they would be mentoring deaf professionals into their heirarchy, so that we can become self determining individuals. Instead they are doing rather important such as hiring more hearing people to HELP us!

5. Point 4 - that is mentoring and preparing Deaf people for leadership roles - would be truly revoluntionary, but RNID choose to slum it with psuedo awareness campaigns such as sexy ears. If ears are sexy, so are rears. See? Ears rhymes with rears!

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