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BBC This is My Family - Wanting a Deaf Baby (subtitled)

In September 2004 the BBC aired a programme called This is My Family: Wanting a Deaf Baby, which featured a Deaf couple Paul and Claire Dowdican, and discussed their thoughts on a desire to have a Deaf child. Here is the full programme (subtitled):

We thought this would be of particular interest to readers, given the current political climate.

Further Reading:
BBC Ouch Interview with Claire Dowdican

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Comments (3)

i enjoyed the story. thanks so much for sharing with us :)

thank you! i found the movie (documentary) very moving and heart warming. it validates our common ground, the one we stand on together: we deafies have the same issues whether we are in UK or the States, Israel, or anywhere else.

i shared your movie link with our Boston deaf service center for purposes to use it for information and education purposes re: deaf vs hearing family dynamics and their relationship types, plus communication styles, birthing in a hospital without a sign language interpreter and then having a deaf baby with the hearing test procedures!

Whoa--many issues all in one movie!

Thank you!
Credits to those that did such a good job of showing the issues in various lights with different angles! And much gratitude to the families which allowed this type of thing to be aired and discussed in public!


wonderful insight :) thanks for sharing, everyone should be like this, no matter what the outcome, as long as your baby is healthy and happy theres nothing to worry about :)

Iv linked this blog to my own, so i can pop in and out :)

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