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Video Friday: What the heck is Eugenics?

Stole this brilliant BSL vid from Philppa's blog... do watch it!

- jen

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I'm interested in understanding what Philppa vlogged. Sadly, I understood half of it or maybe less than that...can you or someone translate, via video, what was said in her vlog....every Deaf person needs to understand what is Eugenic and what can happen in our future that we all need to work together to stop it from happening or go any farther to destroy our Deaf future because of eugenic among Deaf unborn babies. Thanks a million!!

Sure, I believe she was translating this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics .... does that help?

A perfect advertisement for why Deaf is good. Eloquent. Clear, Beautitful hands!

And a confident Deaf person.

Although I know very limited BSL, I was able to figure out parts of what was signed here due to knowing the context of the vlog--eugenics and being able to review the vlog again and again to catch the spelling. Her pacing and presentation style is very well done! And she simply presented it in a way that makes people think!
I am glad that the subject of eugenics is now the talk of the community! About time! and it can't wait any longer. Our consciousness is raised enough to force ourselves to dialogue this important subject and create our collective thinking that is common sense and educational to others...and yes if it means making a "noisy" stand, so be it!
Keep at it, all of us in as many countries. Make us think and make the world think. If we are quiet, too polite, the world will just roll over us. We need to be rocks as well as flowers that make people stop and think and wonder... through jolts in our bodies and warmth in our hearts.

Hi Tony Nicholas,

I totally agree with you that her presentation is eloquent. Unfortunately, I do not know BSL and wonder if you could translate from her BSL to English? With much appreciation.

If you follow Jens link above, to the wikipedia page, that's a longer account than whats in the video.

Here Jean, I took the challenge and decided to have ago at translating. This is rough, but you will get the gist of it. Read Jen's link in tandem OK. Here we go:

Eugenics, what does it mean?

Now in the UK, and the world, the deaf community is talking about EUGENICS. Maybe you keep hearing the word Eugenics, and are wondering what does it mean?

Eugenics, where does the word come from? It comes from Greek. It is made up of two parts. The first Eu means good or well, genics means born. Put the two parts together, and it means “well born”.

Eugenics, social philosophy of "improving human genetic qualities” where there is a potential of passing on “illness or bad genes” can help improve “health and well being” thru medical intervention. There is the thinking that by medical intervention, we can eradicate, change “bad genes” that cause suffering, and stop them from being passed on. Therefore reducing suffering.

Also, to improve health and enhance intelligence.

Eugenics. A few people now, are ambivalent[??] about supporting eugenics. [I’m not sure about this bit – my words. But the gist of it is] Why? We need to look back .. history has many examples. I will give two major examples

1. Sparta [Ancient Greece]- if babies were born with a disability or bad health, they were thrown from thrown from the Taygetus mountain. Did the mother and father want to do this. No, it was a decree given by the ruler, king, who wanted so they could have a healthy and strong society.

2. Another example.. Nazi [Holocaust] maybe you know about this, true, they practiced eugenics. They wanted to get rid of people with different disabilities – deaf, blind, and so on…. How did this happen? Sterilization, killings, and other different ways.

Now, do we have eugenics happening now? Some people say, no. It’s gone. Some disagree, saying, it is happening. There is a big debate about this. I’m gonna give you an example. Genetic counselling, birth control.. are they examples of eugenics?

Genetic counselling, some say it’s different to eugenics, a different area. Some people say, no, they are exactly the same [principle?] Genetic counselling, what is this? This is where the parent want to know about any hereditary characteristics that may be passed on.

If a gene for disability, for example, is found, parents can decide not to have the [a] baby. Is this good?

The philosophy of eugenics is not to “change people”. But a tool to provide parents with information.

Genetic counselling advocate’s philosophy is want all people, change, change, change, is this linked to genetic counselling which wants to change all people?

Thank you for translating the vlog, all is good, execpt the last paragraph, the philosophy of eugenics is to CHANGE all people, whereas genetics counselling only want to provide information to assist the parents.
I hope this clears up the misunderstanding. unless if I am wrong, correct me though.
Many thanks again Tony, by the way more vlog coming soon.

No worries... helps two have two monitors to work with ..watch in one and type in the other.


I appreciate your translation of the vlogger's vlog. I just so happen to know the history of eugenics very well through www.google.com. I would type "eugenicists" after typing a name of any country as well as of any religion. Thank you once again for your time.


I forgot to type my name above. Sorry.

No worries.. a saner place here than on Deaf-L list eh? LOL

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