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Almost too insulting for words

Forgive me for losing my sense of humour, but I was definitely NOT amused this morning when I read Deafweekly's report on a "sign language lady randomly waving her arms around during a British children's TV programme." You can read more about it here.

Er, is it real?! Someone, please reassure me either way.

If it isn't, is the RNId quote fake too?

And if is, is it really 2008, or did I wake up in 1968 or something?

- Jen

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Newsbiscuit is just a spoof news site. If you read the whole article on there it's actually quite funny - I don't see it as offensive at all.

I guess some people could take offense but it you read other stuff on their site then it is no out of place with the rest of their joke news entries.

Maybe Deafweekly should have reprinted more of the original article to give the quote you mentioned some more context. Because the quote in itself could certainly be seen as offensive.


I agree with Steve, I read the whole article, and it is funny. Except I would have written the RNID as follows:

‘We asked the BBC to put a token figure in the corner to wave her arms about to look as if they were doing something for deaf people, without actually bothering to actually do something.’ said a spokesman for the RNID. ‘The majority of viewers with perfect hearing just ignored her, even when she started doing obscene hand gestures, waving her joined index finger and thumb at the viewer or repeatedly raising her middle digit to the camera. That's what we are saying to Deaf all the time."

I have lost count how Deaf weekly send wrong news which really not deaf related!
for example polititions who fallen on deaf ears yeah the word is deaf there but its about about deafness.
given up notifiying them as their emails always bounce back

I am editor of Deafweekly and I tried my best to make it clear that this was a satirical article. What do I have to do, print in capital letters, THIS IS NOT A REAL ARTICLE, IT’S A JOKE?

Here it the entire item so you can judge for yourself:


A report in the satirical publication NewsBiscuit claims the BBC has admitted that the "sign language lady" on a children's TV show was "actually trapped in the corner of the screen and frantically waving all this time to attract attention." The experience was horrible, said the woman, identified as Susan Waterford. "I don't know how to sign or anything, so I just waved my arms around randomly." NewsBiscuit, which claims to offer "the news before it happens," said a representative of deaf charity RNID decried the "token figure in the corner" and accused the woman of repeatedly raising her middle finger to the camera. Said the spokesman: "That wasn't what Bob the Builder was saying at all."

I think anyone with a basic level of intelligence will see this item for what it is.

Part of Deafweekly’s mission is to help deaf people know what is being said and written about our community. Regardless of how you feel about the NewsBiscuit item, do not blame Deafweekly for serving as the messenger.

Fintan, in searching for deaf news, I always come across non-relevant items about “falling on deaf ears.” I defy you to point out even ONE SUCH ITEM that has ever appeared in Deafweekly. Despite your accusation, it has never happened. And this business of email bouncing back is news to me, and it makes me wonder why I get so much email if that is true.

Alright, alright, no need to be so damn rude! I may have a "basic level of intelligence" (thank you) but I was probably a bit too asleep this morning to spot that it was a spoof. So, no. You did not make it clear. Obviously. Which is why I asked if it was real or not.


Go upstair...turn left. Look into a room there. See something we call a bed? Now lie down in it...Comfy isn't it? Yes? Good...now go to sleep, you're not getting enough of it :)

(if it's not left, then it's right, or straight or any other 360 degree you wish...)

Tom Willard,

No need to be so ultra-defensive, one might think you have something to be guilty about... ;-)

Tom willard,

I searched my emails and realised I made a mistake got yours mixed up with deaf club uk.. they do a weekly news...
very similar ways to yours as they include American deaf news

I think its best if I go for a a lie down doh!

Maybe I was wrong to assume that everyone would know what "satirical" means. In any case, I thought the article was so outrageously ridiculous that everyone would recognize it could not possibly be true.

Fintan, thank you for clearing that up. That "falls on deaf ears" stuff drives me crazy but I filter it out in my head before it ever would pop up in Deafweekly.

If I am ultra-defensive, it's because my pet peeve is the way many people will say things that are not true, and then others will believe what they hear/see/read without a second thought. Critical thinking seems rare nowadays.

I've worked hard to build up Deafweekly and so I felt it was appropriate to respond to the false statements here.

PS ... what you call "rude," I prefer to consider "grumpy."

Tom ,
glad I am forgiven.. you have every right to defend your hard work.

falls on deaf ears drives me crazy too and how about "Dialogue of the deaf" argggh !!!

Rude....just a little....but then i soooo get what your saying....NO reason to be offended


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