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Pepsi Superbowl Advert

The USA's Pepsi Superbowl advert based around a Deaf joke can be found on YouTube:

And behind the scenes:

Congratulations to those involved, more please. We're jealous this side of the pond, although its not the first international mainstream Deaf based commercial.

In the UK we've had a couple of BSL based commercials, including a humourous BT advert using BSL, starring Fifi Garfield about 8 years ago.

Nice to see positive representations of Deaf people, and an excellent way of companies promoting positive images as well as selling their product.

Via Yoav, Joe, Katrina - thanks!

Pepsi USA - Bob's House
The Boston Globe - Pepsi ad to give Super Bowl viewers a moment of silence
NAD Works With PepsiCo on Super Bowl Ad in American Sign Language

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Comments (7)

lol reminds me of my high school days when my friend's deaf father would drop me off at home late at night and he'd have his speakers on full blast, waking up my parents and most likely my whole neighborhood!

Ha! Ha! Ha! "For once we can claim, that's an old joke!"

I love it! I saw one on Dallas News, but not as nice as this. Thanks for sharing! I'll pass on the word to check this out.

Call me a crying wolf but I think the pepsico ad will evolve into a super blackeye on NAD's face.

Why do you think that? Please do tell (am British, and interested)!

I second Jen here - furthermore I thought the advert was written by two deaf employees of Pepsico and filmed by a crew that had quite a number of deafies in it - no involvement from NAD here?

Pepesico is poison! It ocntains filthy chemical that can addled your brain. That what happened to me.

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