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Early Day Motion on Deaf Education

Frank Dobson's Early Day Motion on Deaf education is has been tabled in Parliament:

That this House recognises the importance of ensuring that deaf and hearing-impaired children are educated in British Sign Language (BSL); believes that for many deaf children, BSL will be their lifelong first language and that they have a right to have the national curriculum delivered to them in this language; recognises the outstanding qualities that Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children in Camden has to offer, as highlighted in Ofsted's latest inspection; notes that this is the only school in Greater London offering BSL/English bilingual education for deaf children of primary age and that it educates children from 16 different London boroughs; is concerned about Frank Barnes' ability to continue to deliver its unique education in London if the school is relocated; and calls for this excellent provision to continue in accordance with the wishes of the pupils, parents, Governors, staff and supporters of the school.

(Frank Dobson)

Makes a nice change eh? Click here to contact your MP and ask them to sign it... over 40 MPs have already done so.


Thumbs Up Frank Barnes

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Comments (6)

At last - a MP with common sense! I have emailed my MP and given him a brief history of Deaf Education starting with Milan 1880 and the state of Deaf Education nowadays! Will be interesting to see his response!

Me too, though I just copied and pasted the Early Day Motion with a brief explanation. I hope mine will sign it too! Fingers crossed for both of them and other MPs. Very easy to email them, isn't it??

Oh so easy! I got a reply from his Secretary this morning saying that he has signed up to the EDM! I couldn't believe how easy it was. No excuses for anyone not to do it! :)

Wow, that's cool!! Well done. I am still watching out for mine.

An advert on GOD's site caught my eye ...


No MENTION AT ALL of BSL on her site! I think I will email her and challenge her.


Woo! Just had a letter from my MP to say she has signed the EDM too! It can be done! Made my day :o)

And I'd like to point out the obvious... the ads on this site are from Google, and not our responsibility, but it's good to challenge them too, if you want to of course!

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