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Photo Friday: Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets suit-types to discuss BSL

BSL Meeting with the Prime Minister

Back Row: Tim Loughton MP, (someone from the press), Francis Murphy, Gordon Brown, Jonathan Isaac, Jeff McWhinney, Andrew Adonis.
Front row: Rosie Cooper MP, Malcolm Bruce MP, Susan Daniels, Tom Levitt MP

Coming ASAP: More about what happened at the meeting with Gordy. Stick with GOD - bringing news to the masses when others don't!

- Jen

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hmm ,don't see anyone with hearing aids.

That's cos yr eyes are playing tricks on you Fin. They are wearing the latest in hearing aid technology, invisible hearing aids.


Regarding your hearing aid comment - I'm not sure what do you mean? If you mean if there is anyone there that is deaf, there are at least two that I know:

Francis Murphy - chair of BDA
Jeff McWhinney - Trustee of RNID (and CEO of SignVideo)

Both are deaf and BSL signers as first language. Susan Daniels comes from NDCS - don't think she's deaf or even use BSL though so not sure what's her capacity here then.

However it's all about BSL here - so why would anyone want to bring up issues about hearing aids??


Check out our Susan loves the CI's and Medical backing ...

I think the whole set up is a joke – it is the valuing of diversity and let those individual be themselves is by far the best healthy approach. To have politician being told by those people via UKCOD as members representative that deaf = BSL is very wrong - by the way, Susan is the chair of UKCOD that maybe why she is there. It does indicate the strategy UKCOD is going down a blind blinkered intolerance alley like we are having with the Muslim farce in this country and we do not have a say with UKCOD as individual but via other members org and we just cannot.
I am getting jittery of all this now where deafness and HAC is getting manipulated.

@MM and the point is?....

Heres a link to UKCOD with more info regarding this meeting.


If you scroll down to the bottom it gives you more details about the people, and it states that Susan Daniels is a BSL user, though whether or not that means she is deaf is another matter.

``Prime Minister Gordon Brown meets suit-types to discuss BSL''

`Discuss' doesn't really come into it, does it? The meeting lasted twenty minutes, and consisted of three or four people making statements for posterity.

I notice in the pre-meeting (the minutes are at http://www.deafcouncil.org.uk/appg/vr220108.htm ) Jeff McWhinney tried to push the point that Deaf people need to be consulted and more empowered to make their own decisions, but he was not given the opportunity to put this point forward to the PM; instead he only gets to make the shallowest observation that deaf people have difficulty communicating with hearing people...

Is this going anywhere...?

Not deaf people, DEAF people !

Hi, Susan Daniels is deaf - one of the few leaders in the community. To simply tag her to CI's and medical backing is gross oversimplification and shows nothing but ignorance about Susan and the work of NDCS - shame on those who throw stones at a deaf leader who strives daily to make a difference.

Make your mind up do you want deaf role models in leadership positions or do you want to throw stones when they get there?

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