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Genetics: BBC Radio Transcript Links & BBC lack of impartiality

Transcripts of yesterday's genetics programmes on Radio 2 and Radio 4 is on the Stop Eugenics:

BBC Radio 4: Today

BBC Radio 2: Jeremy Vine Show

These transcripts were provided as goodwill through personal connections, however the BBC has failed badly in this respect. As a public service provider, the BBC should have an obligation to make accessible content, i.e. transcripts, especially if its talking about DEAF PEOPLE. More than a day later, these transcripts have not being available.

This is not just a disability discrimination issue, but compromises the BBC's impartiality and introduces bias. If only one part of the population can access the content and the other not (the group that is being attacked), then its obvious that subsequent debate will not be neutral and reflective of opinion.

Online discussion has taken place via online message boards: Women's Hour, Today, The Jeremy Vine Show and a general Have Your Say discussion.

This debate will be without balance. How can it be balanced, since officially the information remains inaccessible? 24 plus hours is a long time in the world of the media, and people will not go back to this debate several days (weeks?) after a broadcast to allow deaf people to catch up and participate. There was yet more coverage on Today this morning (featuring Lord Winston), however we cannot access this. For this, I would recommend anyone with the energy to make an official complaint to the BBC, in the meantime surely a production secretary can type something up? Transcription cannot be that difficult, and Its about as complicated as people wish to make it.

This issue has had significant media attention in the last couple of days, which includes all the major broadsheets, and more radio and television scheduled. I will attempt to summarise and list these links on the Stop Eugenics site, including forthcoming media coverage.

BBC link to make a Complaint if anyone wants to follow up
List of links where this issue is gaining coverage

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Where will the Deaf role models be?

In a generation's time, after this possible legislation has served its purpose, where will the Deaf role models be?

It's of a personal experience that some of the best role models that are deaf often come from Deaf families.

Where will deaf offspring from hearing families turn to for role models? If Deaf families are forbidden from producing offspring that are potentially new deaf role models, then wouldn't society have more deaf people with more mental health issues as the much needed deaf role models get eugenised?

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