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Horseradish Fire Alarm for Deafies

horseradish.jpgThrow away your vibrating fire alarm, a new Horseradish Fire Alarm has been developed for deafies! Yes it sprays a strong smell of horseradish to wake you up in as little as 10 seconds.

Medical equipment manufacturers have developed a technology to extract components of the strong odor of horseradish, seal them inside a can and spray them out.

Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital cooperated with the makers and carried out experiments to see if the horseradish smell can wake up people from a deep sleep.

Fourteen people, including those with hearing disabilities, took part in the experiments.

In the experiment, 13 out of the 14 subjects woke up in less than two minutes after the smell reached their noses.

The people with hearing disabilities were particularly quick to wake up, with one person emerging from sleep in just 10 seconds.

Perhaps they could diversify and make alarm clocks too?

News Now Report: Horseradish Fire Alarm, via Boing Boing

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I LOOOOOVE horseradish. However, I think I'd be in a bad mood every morning if I was awakened by the stinging smell of horseradish in my nose.

Log in here http://attherimmm.blogspot.com/ for the BBC interview today, albeit I missed the RNID one 50 minutes earlier wit the RNID (About eugenics or something).


I dunno... I wonder if my eyes happened to be open when the spray went off, wouldnt my eyes sting like HELL ? Like Mace?

I'm very wary of this idea....


Crikey, I am going to be really disappointed when I wake up and NOT to find a plateful of roast potatoes, beef and yorkshire pud - drowning in gravy - sitting on my lap!

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