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KFC SAVES "the hearing impaired"!

Wow. According to this article, KFC have bowed to their "social responsibility" and started to give "hearing impaired" people jobs.

So if you too want to be specially trained how to lipread difficult things like "Toasted Twister" and "Zinger Burger", now's your chance! Get yourself down to KFC and they will help you.

But, DON'T WORRY. They also employ "normal people" too, just to make sure vegetarians aren't served meat and stuff like that. Phew.

- Jen

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While your sarcasm is funny and entertaining.. to the Deaf people in India.. wow what a big breakthrough.. employment and opporunities.. this is a very good thing for them to have more Deaf people employed, making money, becoming leaders etc..

They're far behind other countries yeah.. but its still a great thing to see progress in places that really need it :D


well, why do we want to be "normal"? so boring.

I apologise for any offence taken - I know this is a good employment opportunity for some people, and was not referring to that. I genuinely hope they are happy!

I was more referring to the patronising tone of the article itself, as well as KFC's questionable "save the Deaf"-style attitude.

Thanks for the nugget of information.

Ha! and there is a video clip on the KFC run by Deafies in Cairo, Egypt...
Check this out! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cDnbYg6KJUI


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