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Muslims in a Deaf World

There's a film on YouTube which focuses on Raza, a Deaf Muslim who asks questions about living as a Deaf Muslim in the UK.

My first language is British Sign Language but really I have three languages. First BSL, second English, and third Urdu, my family language. [snip]

I feel strongly that being a Muslim has an effect on deaf people, being based on a background which is influenced by different cultures and based on languages which are difficult to access. Another reason being that at the mosque there is no access, beacuse there are no interpreters. This means that it is difficult for deaf people to get knowledge about their faith and identity with their religion.

The film also asks questions about statutory provision for Deaf Muslims in the UK, and access to mosques.

As a person from a Welsh trilingual family, I can relate to some of the issues that arise. Congratulations on the film's production, and I hope this is the first of many films that will give scope to explores personal experience - especially where cultures and identities meet - in much more depth.

via Waving With My Deaf Hands

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Very good & insightful video! Theres alot of different cultural backgrounds in Vancouver BC, Canada.. wether its from race, homeland/country, or religion.. often the Deaf individual isn't as connected to the family's culture if there is a lack of access that would provide better understanding/connection.

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