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Parliament: Attitudes within the House of Lords

baronessplatt.jpgParliament is a good place to weed out attitudes of our legislators, via the language used. Within a debate on Families, Community Cohesion and Social Action a speech from Baroness Platt of Writtle (Conservative), in the House of Lords stated:

Macmillan nurses and Samaritans are wonderful too, as are the organisations specialising in care for the blind, the deaf and the arthritic. As many noble Lords have said, how lucky we are in our country to have the loving work of all those people.

Okay! So those who are specialising in the care of the deaf, are wonderful and provide very loving work! For all of you working for deaf organisations, Baroness Platt says thank you spoon feeding us all. Forget equality, you are doing a wonderful job. Next time you are feeling unloved and under appreciated by those awful deaf people, come back to these words to soothe you. You are caring for us through some mission, and more to the point, doing so lovingly. So thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong, I can do loving but not in the form of pity. Its not the first time its happened this parliamentary session, we've already had a Peer stating that deafness is a "life threatening condition". Die from being deaf? Okay!

To think these people shape the law of the land ...!

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They Work For You

Comments (4)

British tanks are famed for being VERY well armoured. This is because we British have a secret weapon - we base the armour on the skulls of MP's...they're very very thick. To get anything such as intelligence, common sense and so on into them requires something aka to a huge bomb or something...

They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of with? Bullshit. It's an apt response to the knuckle draggers and brain laggers that infest our lives. Especially the pretenders who elevate themselves as philosophers, writers and artists..... remember, like us, they have two holes, one they eat and speak with and the other they exhume with. In thair case, shit comes out both!

What happens if you don't speak, shit in your hand? :-)

Gawd, I cannot believe that brooch-wearing woman actually said that. Shall we all go over to Featherstone and spread our love to the passing RNID foot traffic and hand out jams?

Her name should be - Baroness Pratt!! not Platt
I recalled a time how dated these people are talking at the House of Lords as if they had not spoken or worked with grass root people but living in glass houses theirs - did you know that even Parliment is inaccessible - went to the gallery and to find Jack Ashley ah bless him! as the bloody cynic speaks with his access in place (speech to text) and the audience in the gallery getting feck all...talk abt them throwing stones in glass houses preaching the needs to obey the D.D.A.when they DO NOT!! tried to feedback and sadly they do need a hearing aid!! never mind a brain transplant to get them geared into the 21st century.

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