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Parliament: Deaf Telephone Access to the Home Office

Andy Reed (Loughborough, Labour)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what provision is made for deaf people to access services provided by her Department through call centres.

Liam Byrne (Minister of State, Home Office)

The Home Office provides textphone facilities in all of its contact centres. The numbers are:

Central Home Office: Textphone 020 7035 4742.

Border Immigration Agency: Textphone 0800 389 8289.

Identity and Passport Service: Textphone 0870 240 8090. Typetalk is also available through the 24-hour Passport Adviceline 0870 521 0410

Criminal Records Bureau: Textphone 0870 909 0811.

Hello deaf organisations! This is called pissing about and time wasting. There's way too much serious work that needs to be doing, instead of clogging up the political process with meaningless questions. Most of us in 2008 would prefer to use e mail. Besides that, get into some real issues not issues that are "safe" because you are too wimpish to do anything else. What are deaf organisations there for?

They Work for You

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There is a purpose behind it all I think as there are rumours about TAG launching a campaign for VRS and CaptionRS and more alternatives to TypeTalk like competition just as in the USA - these questions look to me like a precursor to this - the answers are all fixated on TypeTalk which is not suitable for all deafies. So this gives them ammo to embarrass the Government!

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