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The Deaf version of Youtube...

... it had to happen! Click here to see it for yourself!

I think it's Deaf-created, though I could be wrong. Do you know? And what do you think? That's what the comment box is for! ::grin::

And yes, I know GOD has been quiet of late. This is because we've been busy doing GODly things. Oh yes, we have.

- jen

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From the About link:

Sign-Tube was set up by a group of volunteers who themselves are deaf. They found all the other video community site enlightening but find it difficult to focus on what they wanted to see which is related to deaf. Sign-Tube team decided to invest their own monies hoping to make Sign-Tube a site for all deaf people or those who have any interest in deaf field.

And the best thing? It's a Brit-developed site I guess since from the whois info for the domain I see that it's registered to:

Andrew Thomson from Deaf Enterprise Partnership

Good for them and I hope this is a success.

There is also other site that collects more than 15,000 videos. Check www.deafworld.com. It also runs by deaf owner.

Interesting, though deafworld.com just *collects* videos from Youtube etc, while Signtube seems to actually *host* them, meaning the actual content is in the hands of Deafies. I think I'll be using Signtube for my next embedded vid post!

Actually, there is aanother site that has been around for several years already. http://www.deaf-video.de/index.php?sprache=englisch

Wow. It looks weirdly the same!! How come?!

It looks as if they use the same codebase. Gotta ask about this sometime.

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