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Coming soon: Hybrid Implant - Hearing Aid

hybrid.jpgIt seems a hybrid implant / hearing aid is currently being tested. Part hearing aid part implant, which is aimed at hard of hearing people with some residual hearing but too much hearing to be considered a candidate for a CI. Since the implant threshold is much lower now (I have known people who have identified as HoH with implants); this would encompass a much broader spectrum of people.

This hybrid device claims to insert a thin wire, alongside or next to natural nerves:

The implant is specifically designed with a thin electrode to occupy less space in the inner ear. It is implanted by special surgical techniques to preserve natural hearing.

If you were hard of hearing, would you risk chancing what residual hearing you had, in such an operation? All operations carry risks, and with this risk would come the usual risks attached to a standard CI operation.

And goes onto say:

nitial studies on the hybrid device suggest there is a synergistic effect achieved by maintaining the natural hearing and coupling it with the cochlear implant, particularly for distinguishing speech in noisy environments. The device both amplifies low frequencies and electronically stimulates middle and high frequencies.

For marketing even where there is a financial interest, this is a tall claim. There is a whole difference between taking risk to make money and an operation someone is prepared to undergo (medical risk, including damage to existing nerves) and secondly why does medicine take such a singular one dimensional approach to broken ears?

Anyhow, they looking for guinea pigs to take part in their trial, to see if such a system would be viable. This is not an endorsement from GOD! GOD believes there's more to a human, other than ears on legs.

Ask the Readers:
What do you think? For hard of hearing people, would you risk having this, or more to the point taking part in such a trial?

Newswise: New Hybrid Hearing Device Being Tested, Combines Advantages of Hearing Aids, Implants
UT Southwestern testing new hybrid hearing device combining advantages of hearing aids, implants

See elsewhere:
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Comments (3)

We are the HearingBorg. Lower your cynicism shields and surrender your ears. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Is this the Envoy model you are talking about?

Who f***ing cares?! It is up to each individual who want to want to be either a guinea pig or a wannabe or just plain idiot for wanting to wear something ugly as that! I mean it wasn't long ago that RNID ask audience over radio to design a hearing aids for a deaf people........I mean what is the hell going on?! So it is not about what do we think in term of this new brand hearing aid when there is so much other thing that we need to get fighting for; such as not being a scum in the society for one!

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