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Competition: Win Four Deaf Yorkshiremen on dvd! (And you can buy the dvd too ..)


Remember Four Deaf Yorkshiremen on last year? It was viewed 40,000 times, and also nominated for 'Best UK film' at Deaffest 2007.

The team behind the film are trying to raise some money to make a second film to be filmed this summer. To do this, they've produced a special edition dvd, which includes extra features:

  • The original film with subtitles
  • The film without subtitles (so you can watch in PURE BSL!)
  • The original version (extra 3 minutes!!)
  • Deleted scenes (the jokes that got cut)
  • Photo gallery - photos of the filming
  • Trailer for the film
  • DVD menu

The DVD also comes with two exclusive photos of the 'Four Deaf Yorkshiremen'.

The DVD will have full picture quality and will be a great memento of the film - starring John Smith, Matt Kirby, Ilan Dwek and Jonathan Reid.

How to Buy:

To order e mail:
director (dot) charlie (at) googlemail (dot) com (make the obvious changes) and request an online invoice, or ask for the details as to where to send a cheque.

Note from Alison: Want the second film to be produced? Then I suggest you put your money where your wishes are, and buy the dvd! Deaf talent should be supported and encouraged. :)


To celebrate this dvd launch, we've got an exclusive competition to win a free copy of this dvd (prize donated by the production team).

All you need to do is answer the following question:

Four Deaf Yorkshiremen was based on a famous British comedy sketch made famous by which comedy group?

Answers on an e mail to the following address:
competition (at) grumpyoldeafies (dot) com

The winner will be drawn by the on the 9 May 2008, and they will be notified shortly afterwards. Good luck!

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Comments (2)

I would love to buy "Four Horsemen" DVD. Is your Gmail e-account for the purschase of this deaf DVD?

I am an American. How much for the international shipping rate?

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Oooh, DVD. I have emailed Charlie. Thanks for publicising this.

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