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Geeky device to alert you to goings on in your home

alertme.jpgAlert Me is a new UK start up, which has a product right deaf people's street, and looks cool.

Its a product based on the back of your wifi signal in your home, and it will alert you via SMS or via a website, the status of various sensors including the doorbell, alarm detector, smoke detector and even door and window sensors. Check this page out.

What's more it actually looks totally cool, works with modern technology and its not something that looks as if its dropped out of a social services department storeroom cupboard and has been sitting there since the 1970s.

Its excellent that mainstream manufacturers have built something that we can use too. This is the kind of innovation we should be embracing. Tip for the manufacturers, you might want to get this to work with an alarm clock too plus a baby alarm; that way you might cut into the deaf market. Although I'm not up to the idea of sleeping with a mobile phone under my pillow due to associated risks, the market might be there. For wider commercial, group or family use, it would be good if this piece of kit could be linked up to Twitter to send out status updates to more than one person. E.g. family members of a household or might want alerts for intruders.

The only pull down is price, currently stands at £400, and a subsequent £11.75 monthly fee for the service. However, the price might come down (more demand for economies of scale, competition, ceases to be such a new concept). Who knows, someone's social services department or Access to Work budget might be persuaded to purchase it.

Via Ben in Deaf UK Chat. Thanks!

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