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Film: Waterfront

Waterfront - a film produced in 2001 - is available on online:

Total clip time: 7 minutes 20 seconds

For international readers, Old Street is / was in the vicinity of a few deaf organisations.

Writer/Director: William Mager, Producer: Rosa Rogers, Camera: Barbara Nicholls, Edit: Schuman Hoque, Music: Ken Easter, Tsunami Sounds, With thanks to: Maverick Television and Channel 4

Cast: Jonathan Reid, Michael Reid, John Maidens, Cathy Woolley, Alexander James Norris, Joe Healy, William Mager

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Umm... am rather confused by this.... what is it meant to mean?!

A dig at activists?

This short British deaf film actually symbolizes the classic American film - "On the Waterfront" film with Marlo Brando. This scene paid the homage to the business owner and Marlo Brandon in the rear car seat.

"Waterfront" short film seems take the swipes at the RNID activists for being too deaf.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

The original (not subtitled).

Hi - surprised to see this on the GOD blog. I guess back in 2001 I was just getting into the Deaf community and was a little perturbed by the animosity towards the RNID, and thought I'd satirise it with this little short film also spoofing On The Waterfront. I'd just written Reservoir Wolves for Ramon Woolfe so thought doing another spoof would be the way to go.

If anyone has any other theories as to what the film's about, do send answers on a postcard...!

I think you have to be careful with satire because it's very easy to misrepresent and ridicule people. That is something that is really worth getting perturbed about.

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