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Parliament: Health Service Funding & Provision for Deaf People

dhlogo.JPGSandra Gidley (Shadow Minister, Health; Romsey, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Secretary of State for Health

(1) how much funding was provided for support services for deaf people in each region in each of the last five years;

(2) what steps he is taking to improve health services for deaf people.

Ivan Lewis (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department of Health; Bury South, Labour)

Information on funding provided for support services for deaf people is not held centrally. Funding for audiology and support services for deaf people, along with the majority of other services, is provided through the general allocations to national health service trusts and social services departments. It is their responsibility to allocate resources to audiology services based on their knowledge of the needs of their local populations and the resources available.

Primary care trusts are responsible for commissioning the full range of health services for their local populations including deaf people, and for ensuring that they meet their capacity needs through improving existing NHS services, and where necessary, by procurement of additional independent sector capacity.

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